Hall of Fame

The Betsy B.  Who's buying?  :)
From the very beginning of the blog I have been honoring students and adults who were of particular significance to my ministry over the years by inducting them into my own fictional Youth Group Hall of Fame.  To read their stories simply click on the links below.  To hear my dream about where I would put my Hall of Fame (and see what that has to do with the fabulous Betsy B, pictured at right), check out Terri Johnson's story!  Enjoy, and keep checking back.  The list will continue to grow with lots more First United Methodist Church of Kissimmee names, and I will be going back to recognize some more New Garden Friends Meeting, Quaker Lake Camp and Springfield Friends Meeting folks at a later date.  If you would like to nominate adults or students from any of my groups, please feel free to use the comment space at the bottom, or e-mail me!

Terri Johnson 
Quaker Lakers 
Jennifer Wood
Heather Beggs  
Mike Mercadante and Charles Freedle        
Ken Hill, Amy Simmons and Todd Farlow
Jamie Robinson
Springfield Class of 1996
Jennifer (Bob) Minnigan
FUMC-K Class of 1995
Vern Watson and David Johns
Adam Hill
Connor Lewis
Teresa Reep
Jacob Lupfer
Lisa Kraus
Spooky Tuesday
Jocelyn Sessions
Jerry Hanbery
Colleen Martin
Beth Edgerton, Darek Newby and Marshall Ratledge
Jay Osborne, Laura Wheeler and Jodi Coble
Butch, Barbara, Jon, Ben and Erin Moran
Amber Herrick, Chrissy Weaver, Lauren Carr
Marilyn Jones
Kissimmee Class of 1999
Dann & Kathy, Matt & Kristen, Josh & Sarah
Darin Miller
Andrew Lewis
Travis Aiken
Justin Overstreet
Nina Mock
Tim Vestal
The Gastler Family
The Class of 2009
Keri Vinson
A Very Special Wing
Shelley, Jeremy and Stinky Godwin
Cyndi Reep
David White
Jill Painter Watson
Boom Boom McBane
Martha Ratledge Farlow
Stacy Gilbreth, Natalie Whitaker & Kelly Allen
The Springfield Big Blue Van
Lisa Jewett


  1. Anonymous7/09/2010

    Your Kissimmee Hall of Fame class is very impressive so far. I hope there will be more- and soon?

  2. Anonymous6/23/2011

    Okay- gotta stir the pot- you only have one reep? what happened to two many reeps lol-- much love amber

  3. I am not done with FUMC-K yet, my dear, so another Reep may not be too many. And I still have a certain Super Bowl Sunday story to tell... Love you too!


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