Jesus told us in scripture that following him would take us down a narrow road. The definition of what makes the path so narrow is often quite distorted in our modern society and even the church, and so each Tuesdays in 2015 I hope to focus in on some of the best ways to keep ourselves on that road. If you have thoughts on the subject and would like to guest post please let me know. We all travel the road together. Blessing to you all! 

Here are the thoughts I have posted so far:

Taking the Narrow Road
God Loves YOU!
Maintaining Focus
Fools Along the Road
Wreckage on the Narrow Road
Who Do You Say That I Am?
Leave It Behind
The Silent Path
Boy Like Me, Man Like You
Stop and Smell the Roses
Keep Doin' the Walk
On the Road Again
OxyMorons & Redundancies on the #NarrowRoad
The Road Less Traveled
"Saved" on the #NarrowRoad
Thunder Road
I'm No Good On My Own
Sunscreen & the #NarrowRoad
Roadies Wanted
Or Maybe It's a Planned Crapshoot?
Here You'll Find Rest
Get Out of the Boat
Fun With Flags
Plow the Road
There's a Mystery To It
Along the #NarrowRoad
Searching For Answers
Down the Old Dirt Road
Be the Miracle
You're Better Than That
A Simple Truth
Green Lights on the #NarrowRoad

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