Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hall of Fame: Nina Mock

Nina and fellow Hall of Famer Adam Hill 
Myrtle Beach '02
When I think of my time at Wesley Memorial UMC I remember a lot of great students, but there is one name that usually comes to my mind first.  She was with me from the very first Sunday, through the first ski trip, both Myrtle Beach trips, the Chicago Mission trip and both New York trips.  She was always there when I needed her, lending support and leadership to almost everything we attempted to do with our student ministry.  She taught Sunday School for the little kids and sang with the youth Praise Team.  And she did it all with an attitude of love and service that was contagious.  There are a lot of my former students who have a place in my Youth Group Hall of Fame, but none of them deserve it any more than Nina Mock.

Nina and I shared a lot of adventures and a lot of conversations of over the 4 years I was at WMUMC and for another year or so after I left.  We talked about everything.  She was a young woman of great faith, and I was honored that she trusted me enough to share the joys and concerns of her journey with me.  So many of the younger girls looked up to her in a variety of ways, and they could not have chosen a better role model.  She also was our primary baby-sitter for Will in those early years, and we knew we could always count on her.  She was a part of our family.

Nina (far right), Justin & Stephanie
 discover their LIMO!!!  NYC '03
I have lots of favorite Nina stories, but one of the best happened one night at the Kado Japanese Restaurant.  It seems that Nina hated for the food on her plate to be touching, and when the Hibachi Chef put her rice too close to her veggies, Nina freaked.  It was absolutely hilarious, and nobody laughed harder than the chef.  That's just one of a million great memories I have of Nina- and it comes with a epilogue.  

I know that Nina was one of the people hurt and disappointed the most by my later actions and failures.  I cannot express how sorry I am that I failed her- and so many others.   Even so, when Kado went out of business last year, she took the time to send Marilyn a Facebook message telling us the news and thanking me for all the good times we shared there.  It is that kind of loving, grace-filled attitude that makes it an honor and a pleasure for me to welcome Nina to my Hall of Fame.  It was students like her who made my ministry a joy for me all of those years, and I do hope that someday we will be able to celebrate together again.  Until then, may God continue to bless her and her family.  

Because of Jesus,

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