Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hall of Fame: Cyndi Reep

Cyndi at the Betsy B!
It's been a while since I inducted anyone into my Youth Group Hall of Fame, but today the time is right.  Tomorrow my favorite twins from my Kissimmee days, Cyndi Reep Browning & Teresa Reep Tysinger, celebrate a birthday.  Teresa is already in my HOF.  Cyndi is long overdue for induction, and today we remedy that situation!  Because even in my HOF this truth is eternal- you can never have too many Reeps!  :)

As I mentioned when Teresa was inducted, in my earliest days at FUMC-Kissimmee I had a hard time telling the twins apart.  They were in the 7th grade, and I often avoided calling them by name for fear I would get them mixed up.  But soon it became clear that they were very different people, and I came to know and love Cyndi as a very special young woman.  She was a leader in our group, someone who participated in almost every youth activity. She was one of the student leaders of our Youth Service Opportunity Project, which scheduled and planned the children's programs during one of the Sunday morning worship services.  She loves to sing and was part of the youth choir.  She became involved in the Chrysalis program.  She missed out on some of our trips because of her dedication to marching band, and we always missed he when she couldn't join us.  Perhaps most importantly, she was a special and important friend to many of the students in our ministry.

But never let it be said that Cyndi was all work and no play!  We harassed her to no end about the number of boys who seemed to always be after her. We gave her a hard time about how gullible she could be, always allowing a few extra minutes for jokes to sink in.   When I left FUMC-K, I was given a picture of her running around the hall of a motel on one of our trips wrapped in only a towel, having just been defeated in a game of Spoons.  It is a constant reminder to me of how much fun and laughter Cyndi brought to the group and to my life.  I was going to use that picture today, but decided to save it for some future special occasion.  Like when her son Grayson is old enough to be embarrassed by it...

Cyndi now lives near Cary, NC with her hubby and son.  It has been my pleasure to reconnect  with her in recent weeks and to remember what an important part of my Kissimmee years she was. So Cyndi, welcome to the Hall of Fame!  You are now entitled to all of the perks and privileges of membership.  Don't know that those are?  Call me sometime when you've got 5 minutes (that is a TOTAL inside joke)!  Happy birthday tomorrow, and many blessings for the future.  You are loved! 

Because of Jesus,


  1. Anonymous1/28/2012

    YAY!!! Thank you!!! I've finally made it!!! :) This made my birthday!! hahaha Love you Carl! My absolute best memories of growing up was from youth group and Kissimmee. The trips, the teasing, the singing, friends, etc. It was the best time and really made me who I am today. We have all been blessed to have you be one of the most influential people in our lives! And I've ALWAYS got 5 minutes for you!!! ~ Cyndi Browning

    1. You are more than welcome Cyndi! Have a great birthday tomorrow, and I look forward to 5 good minutes! :) Blessings to you!


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