Sunday, October 17, 2010

Saturday Shout Outs! (Sunday Edition)

Since yesterday was my lovely wife's b'day, this week's edition of Shout Outs! got moved to today. Here are a few of the things that have been going on over the past couple of weeks:
  • Today is my Mom's birthday.  Although she has no intentions of ever owning a computer so there is no chance she will see this (until I show it to her next time she visits, anyway) I hope she has a wonderful day.  Marilyn, Will & I are all going to Leesburg today to take her out to lunch.
  • I have exchanged a few e-mails with Todd Willis (FUMC-K) over the past couple of weeks.  It's been great hearing from Todd, and I have to say that his wife Kristin is without a doubt my favorite reader that I have never met!  Thanks for the encouraging words!
  • It's looking like we may get to see our old friend Jeremy Godwin (Springfield) in a couple of weeks when he is down this way on a business trip.  I don't know if he'll bring Stinky the Pootopotamus or not...
  • One of the "trending topics" on Twitter this past Friday was #that would be awesome.  If you don't know Twitter, that just means a lot of people were typing thoughts and ideas that fit the category.  Here was my contribution:  If I could have a giant reunion with all of the youth I served and adults I served with over 28 years of uth ministry #thatwouldbeawesome  A couple of my tweeting friends, Caitlin Esry (FUMC-K) and Ann Saunders Hale (Springfield), say they are all for it.  Anybody else want in?
  • We ran into Justin Overstreet (Wesley Memorial) working at LIDS in the Citrus Park Mall the other night and had a great visit.  Somehow seeing Justin in a store selling baseball hats seemed just about right...he always had one on!  And congrats to Jennifer Gastler (Wesley), a brand new high school teacher here in Tampa!!!
  • The fam and I had dinner at Red Robin (Yumm!) last Sunday with Jun & Jennifer Kuramochi (formerly "Bob" Minnigan of FUMC-K).  As always we had a blast, and Jen, you need to write a book of stories about your extended family.  Or maybe a screenplay.  It's a sitcom waiting to happen!
  • Ashley Goad Broadhurst (Springfield) and her hubby John are moving to Las Vegas in a couple of weeks.  Apparently they bought Caesar's Palace and will be living there...or something like that.  But they are definitely moving!
  • Got this message via Facebook from Catie Cook (FUMC-K) on the 13th, so let her hear from you and keep her in your prayers:  Arrived into Afghanistan super early Monday morning and am awaiting supplies to in turn fly out to my duty assignment. Not an overly exciting time thus far and am so ready to get settled and start working! I'll be located at fob Fenty in Jalalabad. Will be checking facebook and gmail ( frequently so keep in touch! My address will be as follows:
    Catie Cook (no rank!)
    Combat Stress Control/TF Med
    FOB Fenty JAF
    APO AE 09310
  • According to my Blogger statistics, my October 10th post Grilled Cheeus received over 400 page views.  The Betsy B post received over 250.  When I started this blog I would have been thrilled at the thought of 250 visitors during the course of the year.  Thanks for reading, everyone!!!  I am humbled to know so many of you are interested in what I have to say- or maybe just afraid of what I will say about you!
  • Kelly Jeck (FUMC-K) posted a picture on Twitter Friday night of herself, her fiance Keith and Aziz Ansari from Gator Growl at UF.  If you don't know Aziz, he is on the NBC show Parks and Recreation and in 2009 hosted the MTV Movie Awards.  People I know know cool people- how cool is that! 
  • Thanks to the 40+ friends from all over the country who took time to wish Marilyn a happy birthday yesterday.  You all helped make it a special day, and we love and miss you all!
I guess that is it for now.  Have a blessed day, and just for kicks, LEAVE A COMMENT!!!   Did I say that out loud?  I'll be away from the computer most of the day and would LOVE to have a ton of comments to moderate when I get home.  Click the word Comment at the bottom of the page, and ZAP-  You're published! ( just as soon as I get home and approve it!).    :)   See you all tomorrow...

Because of Jesus,


  1. Anonymous10/18/2010

    A shout out to you Carl for being cool beans! I hope all the birthdays went well and you have a great week! Charles

  2. If I am cool beans, then you, Charles, are the Bomb-Diggity! Hope you have a great week as well!

  3. No no no, we didn't BUY Caesar's Palace! :) It was just the place of our celebration dinner! Geez!! Vegas is going to be super cool, though... Actually getting excited about the move now!

  4. Ashley, the line to come see you will be long. I know, because I plan to be in it someday!

  5. Open door! Come on over! We'll be STOKED to see you!


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