Thursday, May 21, 2015

#TW3: Port of Call, Hawaii!!!

I hope some of you are enjoying this fake week as much as I am!  Welcome to Day 3 of my fictional ultimate Youth Week, based on a week I planned 3 different times and never got to do. To catch up on what this is all about check out the label #TW3.  This week is much like the movie "Inception" or the tv show "Lost." If you can figure out where or when any of this is supposed to be happening, and which parts might be real and which parts are only a dream, then please-  TELL ME!  It's all a bit strange... 

"Howareya, 5-O?" Day 3 (Tuesday) of the the "best Youth Week ever" finds us heading to the beautiful Hawaiian islands for an amazing night of tropical fun and fellowship. But first, we have some interesting activities to keep you busy while we are at sea. Enjoy!

On-Board Activities
10 AM-  Meet at the church (Which one? Your guess is as good as mine!) and you'll be given a team, a driver and a list of Random Acts of Kindness you can do in the name of Jesus! The list will take you all over Tampa, and you will document your team serving others with a digital camera. See how many people you can make smile with simple acts of service in a two hour period. Then gather back at the church...

12 noon- It's time for buffalo wings (courtesy of PG's in Kissimmee) and Beach Volleyball (you didn't really think I would have a "dream church" and not have a beach volleyball court, did ya?)! In addition to regular volleyball, there we will play some Ultimate Volleyball, with everyone on the court at one time as we seek to break our all-time record by keeping a beach ball in the air for over 150 hits. At 1:30 PM it's time to go home and shower- but hurry back!

5 PMHula Dancer Practice. If you would like to learn to Hula, and you are willing to perform in front of a crowd, then come to the Youth Room and learn from the best! Matthew and Brook TeoliElizabeth DykesKim Heiter and Ben Thacker will teach the ancient Hawaiian art of Hula (OK, full disclosure- I don't know if any of those people can actually Hula dance.  But they get the job because they are the best dancers I have ever known.  Except for Ben...).  The dancers will then perform as part of our Luau! No talent required- just exceptional bravery!

Port of Call:  Hawaii
6 PM- Join us at Disney's Polynesian Resort where we have taken over their outdoor Luau area for a Hawaiian extravaganza!! The evening will begin with an a amazing dinner featuring all sorts of authentic island dishes and drinks- the non-alcoholic type! As you eat, you can see the pictures that groups took earlier in the day as they performed Random Acts of Kindness. Dinner will be followed by a Hula contest, a performance by our nearly-professional Hula dancers (the ones you see on the right WILL NOT be asked to perform!), a Limbo competition and Body Surfing (Remember that one? Someone stands on my back and tries to "surf" while I attempt to throw them off.  Watch out for the big waves...). Our Disney Video Moment will feature Lilo and Stitch.  The Drama Team will present the skit Ohana Means Family (featuring an appearance by Elvis!), which will lead us with music (Chances we open with Lahina are 100%!) followed by worship with our guest speaker, Hawaiian pastor Rick Bundschuh (father of Justin "Pepe" Bundschuh of Spooky Tuesday fame). Rick will help us Save the Humans by reminding us that church people can be a difficult bunch to get along with sometimes, as he speaks on the topic Jesus, Please Save Me From "The Christians!" We'll close with some more music and a time of commitment. Be sure and bring everyone you know to this great night of fun and faith! And be sure to visit this blog again next Thursday as we head for Antarctica. Penguins!!!

Because of Jesus,

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