Saturday, May 30, 2015

4 Reasons This Lightning Fan Says "Go Blackhawks!"

Last night the Tampa Bay Lightning made history, winning game 7 on the road in Madison Square Garden and finishing off he New York Rangers 2-0 on a shutout by goalie Ben Bishop! The Bolts now have the rare opportunity to bring the greatest trophy in all of sports, the Stanley Cup, back to the Bay. Thier opponent will be determined tonight in yet another game 7 (hockey playoffs rule!) between the Anaheim Ducks and the Chicago Blackhawks. Personally, I hope it's the 'Hawks. Why? I'm so glad you asked...

4 Reasons I Hope Chicago Wins
  1. The Lightning had a catchy slogan when they won the Cup back in 2004- Stanley Needs a Tan!  It's great, it's catchy and it was already on signs and t-shirts at the after game parties here in Tampa last night. But if the Ducks win, the slogan becomes confusing. Southern California is a great place for a tan as well. Either place, "Stanley" could hit the beach, go to a Disney park and generally do things not associated with hockey towns or Canada. You don't think of tans when you think of Chicago. And I want to be able to keep our cool slogan. 
  2. Anaheim ditched the name Mighty Ducks and their original cool logo from the movies the team was based on. I loved those movies and loved the logo. Plus, Gordon Bombay isn't really their coach. So boo. BOOOOO!
  3. If the Bolts play and beat Chicago, they will have won the Cup by beating 4 of the Original 6 NHL teams- Detroit, Montreal, the Rangers and Chicago. First of all, that would be very impressive. And secondly, it will make the snobbish fans of the Original 6 teams a little sick to their stomachs. A team from Florida? Really? Having the opportunity to gloat would be sweet. 
  4. And most importantly, if Chicago wins then the finals will open here in Tampa and the Lightning will have home ice advantage for the series. We had the best home record in the NHL this season. Home is good!

So there are my thoughts on why Chicago would make a great finals opponent, but the truth is the entire Tampa Bay area is psyched to play whoever comes out of tonight's Western Conference game 7. I love playoff hockey. The Bolts have made this postseason simply electric. And now this city is ready to explode as the team seek to finish this quest. 4 more wins and Stanley comes back to town. Why do we care? Because it's the Cup, baby! Because it's THE Cup...

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