Monday, May 25, 2015

Some Gave All

I detest war. All wars, in every form. The senseless loss of young lives, often dictated by old men trying to prove their manhood through power grabs and deceit in the name of patriotism, sickens me. War should always be the final option and the last resort. War should be seen as evil by everyone who worships the Prince of Peace.

But those who sacrifice their lives for our country, sometimes with no clear reason why, are women and men who deserve our highest accolades and our deepest respect. Many people have given of themselves to our nation in a variety of ways. But some gave all. And those are the people we remember today. Take time on this Memorial Day to give thanks to those who have given everything. And to pray for peace so that one day we will have no new names to add to the list of heroes.

Because of Jesus,

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