Monday, May 18, 2015

I Believe in McDonald's (Sorta)

Today features another post is my ongoing series of Things I Believe (and you probably don't!). This post is both brief and insignificant, but some things just need to be said. Even if in a whisper...

I believe in Breakfast at McDonald's. It is so popular these days to use the fast-food giant as a whipping boy for obesity and unhealthy eating habits, and they no doubt bear their share of blame because their french fries, when hot and salty, are both amazing and bad for us. Seasonal Shamrock Milkshakes don't help the cause either. But there are 3 reasons why my family still loves getting breakfast from Ronald's house- which we do about twice a week. They have a wide variety, from oatmeal to pancakes to sandwiches (my family is fond of the southern chicken biscuit). They have wonderful breakfast beverages, both hot and cold (Marilyn & Will love the Mocha Frappes and Lisa prefers the iced coffee, while my diabetes has reduced me to a black coffee guy). And no matter where you go in this great country of ours, and no matter what you order, at McDonald's (for better or for worse) it is always exactly the same! There is something to be said for taste, quality and consistency. And at breakfast- really the only time we eat there anymore- McD's still has that. And I'm lovin' it!

Sorry this is so short, but I gotta' get moving. Will wants a chicken biscuit, a hashbrown and a frappe before heading into work at Olive Garden early this morning. Have a blessed Monday!


  1. It's not until I sit here watching him eat that I realized I forgot to mention what a huge and lifelong fan Conner the Dog (age 12) is of the Sausage McMuffin. I'm just sayin'...

  2. LOL. needed that this morning! Thanks :-)

    1. Always glad when I can share a laugh, my friend!


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