Thursday, May 28, 2015

#TBT: Living In the Wild, Wild West!

For many of you this post will make no sense- and that's ok!  Just think of it as an experiment in time travel. It's a Throwback Thursday, and we're headed all the way back to around 1867, when the west was wild and rough and tumble men drank hard and fought harder. And then there were these two...

Welcome to the Rose of Cimarron Saloon

Dutch Jones & Dusty Semmler, Proprietors  

Not sure when this was taken, but pretty sure it was somewhere in downtown Myrtle Gulch. Not sure why it was taken, but you have to admit- the 'staches look good! But don't be fooled- if you're cheatin' at cards these tough hombres will gun you down in the blink of an eye. So come on in and have a beer or a sasparilly, dance with a pretty girl (as long as the Dutch & Dusty say it's ok) or listen to Gabby tickle the ivories while Miss Kitty serenades you. Ladies, flirting with the owners is encouraged! You men just behave yourselves and we'll all get along fine- and no one will get shot. There are always good times at The Rose of Cimarron Saloon! Re-opening September 9th in Ocean Isle for a limited engagement! Now serving nachos!!!

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