Friday, May 1, 2015

Flashback Friday: These Times

With everything going on in the world around us, the time seems right to share this post again- if only for my own sake. Sometimes a Flashback Friday is a great excuse to say something important for a second time...

A couple of years ago I was watching the VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown with my wife and son when we encountered one of the most uplifting, hopeful and spirit-filled songs I have heard in a very long time. The band is called SafetySuit. I cannot speak to the religious convictions of the band members. It is is not "Christian" music. But if you are a Christ-follower, this song speaks to the condition of so many of those around you. People are hurting.Times are hard. And one of the most precious commodities the church has to offer is hope. If you are in student ministry and have not yet built a message around this song, then get busy. This video will inspire you, because whether intended or not, Jesus is all over it, just oozing from each frame.  It is my hope that it will move you as much as it did me. So here is the official music video for These Times...

"Throw up your hands and believe it. These times are hard.  But they will pass..."

Because of Jesus,

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