Saturday, March 22, 2014

True Friendship

Carl, Marilyn and Steve
I have been blessed in my life to have lots of wonderful friends. I grew up with with a group of people who changed my life and made me so much of (the good parts) of who I am today. Two of those friends, Steve and Carl Semmler, have been visiting this week and it has been so wonderful to catch up with them. During their stay we have heard from many others who were a part of that "family" and the laughs and smiles we have been sharing have been multiplied. That's how friendship is. There are unexplainable bonds with undeniable power, and when you have those types of friendships you KNOW that they are always with you- even when they aren't!

The blessings of great friendships has continued throughout my life, and one of the joys of the past few says has been sharing stories of some of best friends that Carl and Steve have never me with 2 of my oldest friends. They got to meet Lisa Jewett yesterday. They have heard many tales of Jerry Hanbery, Teresa Tysinger and other people who have been and still are such important parts of my life. They've renewed their friendship with Marilyn and gotten to spend some time with Will. We've remembered old friends and great stories together, and tried to remember others that have slipped away over the years. It has been a wonderful combination of sharing the old and the new and feeling like our connection to one another has really never changed. I am reminded of this anonymous quote: True friendship is not about being inseparable. It's being separated and NOTHING CHANGES. 

Carl flies out today and Steve tomorrow, and we will miss them when they are gone. But one of the great joys of true friendship is the knowledge that there is always more to come. There will be mores stories. There will be more adventures. There will be more times when we will need each other to lean on. With great friends there will always be more. And this morning, for the amazing gift that is true friendship, I give thanks. Have a blessed Saturday my friends!

Because of Jesus,


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