Friday, March 28, 2014

30/30: Five Friends I'd Love To See Today

Sometimes I look at the list of prompts I put together for this 30/30 Vision Blog Challenge and I think to myself, "What were you thinking?" Today is one one of those days. Here's the prompt I wrote back in December to write about today: 5 Friends You Wish You Could See Today -Five people you love and miss that you would kill to be able to see TODAY. And why them? I have struggled all week with this ridiculous request. There are dozens of people I want to see for a variety of reasons. Limiting the list to 5 was not only impossible, it was unfair both to myself and to a lot of people I care about. So, in true Todd Willis/Jocelyn Sessions Ward (2 people I'd love to see today!) fashion, I'm cheating! I'm changing the rules to make this more fun for me. Instead of 5 people, I have chosen 5 groups of people I'd love to spend time with on this Friday. There will still be mention of some specific names, but please don't think that means those who are not mentioned by name are any less important to me. So here is my list. I didn't include the wonderful Twitter family I have yet to meet at all, and I can't believe this list doesn't include Terri Johnson Harris, Beth Edgerton Bell, Marshall Ratledge, Darek Newby, Kathryn Burris and the rest of my old New Garden Friends youth group. Hey about that- now it does include them!  Judge me for cheating if you must. 

  1. The Old Gang- Having Carl and Steve Semmler here last weekend reminded me of how much I miss the company of our group of friends from the 1980s in NC. While they were here I heard from other members of the "gang," like Denise May Langley, Beth Vestal McGalliard, Tammy Doggett Foster and Donna Haynes Myers. We told old stories about many others, including Alan Brown & Tim Vail. We struggled with our memories as we tried to recall who had dated whom and piece together our various beach trips and weddings. It was a blast. And now I want to see each and every one of those old friends- today! Or at least soon. I hope. Very soon...
  2. Quaker Lake Buddies- While there is some crossover between group #1 and this group, there is still a whole new list of people I need to see. When thinking of 5 people this week this names of Neal & Susie Thomas were always near the top of my list. I love and miss them both so much. I want to see my dear friends Boom-Boom, Teddy and Leigh Ann, as well as pretty much everyone else I ever served on staff with at QLC. I want to see some of the old camper crew- people like Jay Osborne, Laura Wheeler, David Fields, Jodi Coble, Jay Wilkins and Cynthia Davis and so many more. I was always at my best when I was at QLC. Just thinking about spending a day with all of those folks again makes me smile!
  3. Springfield Friends Meeting- It's been almost 20 years since we left High Point and moved to Kissimmee, but there are so many old friends at SFM who still feel like family. One of the names on my 5 person list all week long was Millie Simmons. I miss so much just sitting and talking with Millie. And I owe her a hug- or two. I'd love to eat some Pizza Inn with Jeremy Godwin, Ken Hill, Todd Farlow, Danny MecCorquodale and Jamie Robinson. I want to see my old pal Woodhead and sit and laugh with Kelly Allen Olmeda and Heather & Keri. There are long conversations to be had with Ashley Goad and Marie Allen Duke. And I really, really, REALLY want to go to dinner and a show with Butch & Barbara Moran. I could go on and on...
  4. The Kissimmee Krewe- It's been less than a year since our big reunion, but I am ready to see these wonderful people again- and the others who couldn't join us as well!  I already mentioned Todd and Jocelyn, and if you know me at all you know that Teresa Reep Tysinger is always near the top of my "I miss you" list. But there are so many others- too many to list. I'll just say that I wish I could buy Dr. Jill a chocolate cobbler and sit and talk abut life with Nate, Ben, Amber, Lauren, Adam, Josh, SarahConnor and Hamp. Great people and great times. It would be a blast to see them ALL today!
  5. Marilyn's Family- I have not been able to travel and see much of my wife's family over these past 7 years, and I do miss them very much. her Mom and sister Carol have come down a few times, but I also miss seeing her Dad, her sister Linda and the rest of the extended family very much. Today would be a great day for a visit.
My duty is fulfilled and this prompt is completed, WHEW! And once again I am reminded how blessed I am to have known so many wonderful people and have so may old friends. This list is very incomplete. I'm going to need a longer day...

Because of Jesus,


  1. Anonymous3/28/2014

    Love the cheating, Big C!

    Miss you my friend. Hope you are well, and look forward to seeing you in April!


    1. Glad you enjoyed the cheating! I am well, and I look forward to seeing you too!

  2. I could use a Carl hug today. Work has been stressful. Miss you friend.

    1. Consider yourself hugged. Miss you too, Marie.


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