Tuesday, March 18, 2014

#DangerDays: "Im Not Worthy!"

Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar of Wayne's World fame would often greet their heroes by falling to their knees and chanting, "We're not worthy!  We're not worthy!"  I am afraid that far too often we greet opportunities to be part of the #DangerDays with that same reaction. We feel too small, too fragile and unworthy of being used by God to make a difference in the world we live in. In fact, this is one of Satan's best tools. He reminds us of our faults and our weaknesses and convinces us that we are losers and failures who cannot possibly be of use to God. I know I have felt that way before, and I suspect you have too.  Jesus says, "Come.  Follow me." And we respond with, "I'm not worthy..."

Lois Cheney captures our doubts about our worthiness to serve the Savior in her classic 1969 devotional book God Is No Fool. One of my favorite passages, read on Youth Sundays by dozens of students over the years, reminds us that we walk the same path as so many others who doubted they had anything to offer God. Listen to her words:

Moses said, "Oh come on now! Be sensible! I'm a terrible speaker. They'd never listen to me." And God said, "Oh for crying out loud! OK, I'll use your brother to help with the speaking." And Moses led God's people out of disintegration.

Jonah said, "Oh come on now! Be sensible! Not me! I'm not the type." And after a rather unexpected vacation in a fish, just thinking things over, he talked to God's people and led them God's way- even though he wasn't happy about it.

And Zacharias said, "Oh come on now! Be sensible! Not me! My wife and I are too old to have any kids." And God said, "Oh shut up!" And he did shut up- for nine months. And John was born, and the way for the Christ opened up.

And I heard a child say
"I can't serve God, I'm too young."

And I heard a boy say
"I can't serve God, I'm not good enough."

And I heard a woman say
"I can't serve God I'm not skilled enough."

And I heard a man say
"I can't serve God I'm not pure enough."

I wonder if God ever gets any new problems...

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