Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend Update

Hello...I'm Carl Jones and you're not! I thought I would take this lovely Monday morning and update you on a few of the things that were on my mind this past weekend - which mostly consisted of watching TV and having interesting conversations. So here we go...

  • As the years pass I become less and less interested in the NFL (but I still watch) and more of a college football fan. Most of pro football passion goes into (I won't say hating because it is such an ugly word) despising the New England Patriots. Why? Partly because they are always good and mostly because Tom Brady (The Pretty Boy) and Bill Belichick (The Hoodie) just irritate the crap out out me with their obnoxious smugness. My son and I had a conversation this weekend and decided if they ever make a movie about the Brady/Peyton Manning rivalry, we should cast it. Peyton would be played by Tom Hanks, because almost everyone loves him. He is the Everyman. And Brady would be played by Tom Cruise- because he is a pretty boy and a bit of a jerk. My friend Robert asked on Twitter who I thought should play The Hoodie, and after some thought I chose Christopher Walken. Who better to play a paranoid cheater? It's coming soon to a theater near you! By the way- the more they win the more bitter I get. So let's go Broncos!
  • One other football note. I started yesterday not really caring who won the Panthers/49ers game, but by halftime I was cheering hard for Carolina. Could the 49ers players have been bigger punks? So let's go Seattle!
  • After a bit of begging I got the family to go to Cracker Barrel on Saturday morning. Can I just say the Sunrise Sampler is quite simply the best breakfast in the world? Mmmmm...gravy...
  • Our pastor is doing a sermon series based on dangerous prayers found in scripture. Not only do they tie in well with my #DangerDays theme for 2014, they are a great inspiration to pray more fervently and frequently- and to expect great things. Yesterday he preached from 2 Kings 19 (which may be the first time in 50 years of going to church I have ever heard that passage preached) and the faith of King Hezekiah in the face of great danger. Matthew also reminded us to "right size" God in our prayers, which in turn will help us downsize our problems and understand that God can handle whatever we bring to Him. My main takeaway was this- when our prayers and our lives seek to glorify God more than to rescue to ourselves, big things will happen. That's good stuff...
  • Will and I watched a fair amount of the Golden Globes last night. I love talking about movies with him because he is so knowledgeable. There were 4 things that stood out to us about the show. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are really funny. Matt Damon is a really good sport. We are big Andy Samberg fans, but we think the GG voters are the only people in the world actually watching Brooklyn 99. And those same voters have absolutely NO IDEA what a Best Movie Comedy or Musical looks like. Wolf of Wall Street? Her? Where was the nomination for Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D
  • Saturday I watched part of animated version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame on TV. Watching "Hunchback" always reminds me how underrated it is among Disney classics. And also how much I miss the live show they used to have at the Hollywood/MGM Studios. In fact, it has inspired an upcoming post for this blog- Things I Miss At Walt Disney World. Nominations will be accepted if you have an idea for me!
  • Commercials have me very psyched for the Winter Olympics and the new Muppet movie. I can't wait for either!
  • And finally, many of you know me as a devoted fan of David Letterman, and I still am. But I have to admit, my allegiance will be seriously challenged for the first time when Jimmy Fallon takes over The Tonight Show. His "Best of" special reminded me just how funny he is, and I can't wait to see what he does with his new platform.
  • And a parting shot... Farewell, Jay Leno. You killed NBC with your 10 PM show, turned Conan into a national hero, couldn't even got nominated for a People's Choice Award (much less an Emmy) and have been the least original and least funny comedian on TV for many years now - according to dozens of actual comedians! So adios, Jay. At least until you try to pull the rug out from under Fallon...
So those are my random ramblings from the weekend. As always, feedback is welcome. And possibly ignored. :) Have a great week!

Because of Jesus,

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