Friday, January 10, 2014

30/30 Vision: A Blog Challenge

In my attempt to be more organized and intentional with my blogging this year, I have borrowed ideas from a number of sources and come up with 30 posts about 30 different topics I want to write about in 2014. Each Friday (OK- probably MOST Fridays!) I will take on one of these subjects- and I would love to have some of you join me. You can use this list whenever and however you see fit, but it would be fun to have a few other bloggers along for the ride. Here's my list and a brief description of what I have in mind. 

  1. Where Is Home?  -Not where do you live now- where is home? What's your One Particular Harbor where you feel most comfortable at most at ease?
  2. Your First Job  -Could be your first part-time position, or your first "real" job. Take this any direction you like!
  3. Top 5 Pet Peeves  -What is it that REALLY gets under your skin? And no sugar-coating. Be honest!
  4. A Favorite Scripture Verse or Passage  -And why it is significant in your life.
  5. Junk Foods You Can't Refuse  -Some people call them "Comfort Foods." What are the foods you know you don't need, shouldn't have, but want anyway when life gets messy?
  6. Favorite Childhood Toys  -What a toy (or toys) do you remember with great joy from your younger days?
  7. Top 5 Favorite Movies  -Of all-time. Any category, any style. The 5 movies you could take to a deserted island and watch over and over and over again.
  8. Favorite Event (concert, sport, etc.) You Have Ever Witnessed Live  -Not on TV. You had to be there!
  9. 10 People (living or dead) You'd Invite To Dinner  -And remember, they have to interact with one another as well as with you. :) Bonus points for also creating a menu!
  10. Today's Playlist  -Hit shuffle on your MP3 player or phone and tell us the first 10 songs that play. No cheating!
  11. 5 Friends You Wish You Could See Today  -Five people you love and miss that you would kill to be able to see TODAY. And why them?
  12. If You Could Travel Anywhere...  -Where would you go and why?
  13. Your Earliest Memory  -Dig deep, my friends!  
  14. Twelve Interesting Facts About You  -And give us the dirt!  It says interesting!
  15. What's Something You're Afraid of? 
  16. A Book You Could (or have) Read Over & Over Again  -If you could only take one book to that aforementioned deserted island...
  17. One Big Regret  -You get one life mulligan. One do-over. What do you do with it?
  18. Your Top 5 TV Shows Ever  -And yes, you are limited to 5. No "pulling a Carl" and having a bunch of ties!
  19. One Question for God  -You are granted a face-to-face with the Almighty, and you get one question. What would it be?
  20. If You Had $100,000 To Spend...  -What would you do with it?
  21. One of Your Best Days
  22. 3 Songs That Bring Back Memories  - Three songs that are attached to very specific memories...and why they stir those thoughts in your mind.
  23. Who Would Play You In a Movie Version of Your Life?
  24. Two Friends Who Don't Know Each Other That You Wish You could Introduce  -I really like this one. Who are two people that you love but who do not even know each other? Why do you think they would become fast friends?
  25. 10 Fictional Characters You'd Invite To Dinner  -From books, movies, TV shows or whatever. And yes- they can be animated characters!
  26. The Worst Job You Ever Had
  27. One Surprising Truth About You  - Something that even people who know you well might be surprised to hear.
  28. Someone (not a family member) Who Had Great Influence On Your Life
  29. A Favorite Vacation Memory  -From any time in your life. What's one vacation memory you will never forget?
  30. 5 Things From Your Bucket List  -What haven't you done that you need to get done before you kick the bucket?
So there you go. Starting next Friday, I'll begin at the top and work my way down, one post each week. It will be interesting to see what I learn about myself. Who's gonna' join me? Have a great weekend, my friends!

Because of Jesus,

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