Friday, January 31, 2014

30/30: Five Pet Peeves

Welcome to week 3 of the 30/30 Vision Blog Challenge! Today we tackle 5 Pet Peeves- things that really get under my skin. Things that irritate. Like most people, I have an extensive list of things that really get me frustrated and sometimes a bit angry. Many of these are not what I call peeves. They are opinions. It irritates me that people actually cheer for Lebron James- but that's their choice. It frustrates me that people think Kristin Wiig was the greatest female cast member ever on SNL- but they are entitled to their (very wrong!) opinion. There are many politicians that my friends revere, but I find to be total idiots. Again- opinions will differ, even among loved ones. So I want to focus on 5 things that just make me crazy without calling for an opinion. These are just things that happen in life- and shouldn't! So here we go...

  1. Living Space- It makes me nuts when there are two sources of sound being played at the same time in the same space. For instance, both music and a TV show competing for my ears. Or one person talking loudly on the phone while others try to have a conversation. Or someone playing one song on a guitar while people are trying to sing another. It just makes me crazy. I will often leave the room. Ugh!
  2. Words- There is little that makes my brain hurt more than the treatment of the word Liberal. It is mostly used these days as a label for politics and religion, and I dislike labels. But it is the seething hatred the word receives from many that really makes my blood boil. I know people who would prefer being called a blood sucking leech over being called liberal. And it makes no sense- especially in the church. Liberal means to give freely and generously. We want people to be liberal with their love, their time, their finances and their joy. In fact, Jesus commanded those things, and was quite liberal himself when it came to things like forgiveness and grace. So we want people to be liberal. We just don't wish being a LIBERAL on our worst enemies! It makes no sense. And when people use the word like it's as bad as an F-Bomb, it drives me crazy. "He's a stinking, no good liberal!" BONUS PEEVE: I also hate when people curse "wrong." If you must swear, at least get it right. I mean..."What the damn?"
  3. Driving- In the last 10 years they seem to have quit making cars with turn signals here in Florida. Maybe it's just a local problem, but it seems no one remembers how to flick the little switch anymore before they turn- especially if they happen to be turning in front of me. It is my #1 cause of road rage. People need to be more liberal with their use of turn signals. That's all I'm sayin...
  4. Restaurants- I can't tell you how many times either Marilyn or I have ordered a meal in a restaurant, both casual and fancy, that contained the word Spicy in the description- only to have the dish not be spicy at all! But that's not the pet peeve. The pet peeve is that when we ask why it is not spicy, they tell us "because lots of people don't really enjoy spicy foods." WHAT??? If you don't like spicy, why the heck did you order a meal described as spicy and then complain that it was indeed spicy? You're ruining it for those of us who like a kick in our spicy chicken pasta! I mean, seriously. What is the deal people? What the damn?
  5. Social Media - Common courtesy applies when you are online, too. If I say hi, say hi back. If I tell you that I loved your blog post, say thank you. If I send you a hilarious comment (even if I am the only one who thinks so!) then have the decency to shoot me an LOL. It's called SOCIAL media for a reason. If you have no intention of being social, then don't use the media. Unless you post lots of funny pictures. Then I'll give you a pass. :)
As I look at the above list, I can see that these truly are peeves- small irritations that really shouldn't matter all that much. But to me, they do. And we all have them, probably more of them than we care to admit. It always feels good to be able to do a little griping. But it also helps me realize that being a little more liberal with peace, love and understanding instead of focusing on the things that irritate us is what will make the world a better place. See you next week when the prompt is about favorite scripture passages. I can't wait...


  1. Excellent points my friend! I am easily distracted so having any sort of TV, Radio, or other media on while someone is trying to talk to me drives me bananas so I can empathize about competing listening choices. Turn signals use or lack thereof are enough to make my poor husband go apoplectic. As far as people ordering something spicy that don't want spicy food, sigh. This is the bane of the restaurant owner! I can't tell you how many times someone comes in, orders a meal, and then acts shocked that it came out exactly as it was described. It's like the menu is merely a suggestion. "You mean this fish is raw!" "Um sir, this IS a sushi bar, raw is kinda the default."

    1. Raw fish at a sushi bar. Who knew? That is just too funny, Jen!


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