Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saturday Shout Outs!

Happy 2014, and welcome to another year of my world famous and lightly regarded Saturday Shout Outs! Seems like there's a lot going on in my world these days, so let's get straight to the yelling and praying, Here we go!

  • Congratulations to Sara Thacker Reiter (FUMC-Kissimmee) and hubby Mark who are expecting a second child this May! No doubt her brother Ben and mother Cathy are also very excited about welcoming a new family member!
  • My thoughts and prayers are with my dear friends Neal & Susie Thomas (Quaker Lake) this weekend as they mourn the passing of Neal's father Ray at age 95. I was privileged to know Ray through my work at QLC. And he and my late grandfather, Carl Clark. were buddies in Asheboro, NC many years ago. Our prayers are with all of the Thomas clan.
  • We also want to be praying for Marie Allen Duke (Springfield Friends Meeting) and her hubby Everett, who lost a beloved aunt this past week.
  • Jennifer Gastler Chan (Wesley Memorial UMC) passed her due date yesterday- so it's time for baby Zoie to make an appearance!  Be praying for Jen, hubby Will, and grandparents to be Hal & Jonnne!
  • One more prayer request- Lisa Jewett (Wesley Memorial UMC) has been in Maryland visiting her son Ken, his wife Joy, and her 3 grandchildren since before Christmas. We pray for a safe trip back to Tampa for Lisa, and that she just get her butt home!  We miss her!
  • Lisa Kraus Spires (FUMC-K) had her computer possessed by a demon this week. Pray for healing, or an exorcism- or something! 
  • I have seen Anchorman 2 twice now, once with Will and once with Marilyn. It's a silly, funny, often ridiculous movie. But I think people are over-looking the Daily Show caliber skewing they give what has become of the news in our modern world. Who knew it would make me think?
  • The big BCS National Championship Game is Monday night, and I am torn. I have many friends (Dana Schmidt, Jen Chan, Amber Herrick, Ryan Sweat, Nina Mock and many more) who are big FSU fans. I also have many friends (Darin Miller, Jenn Ganley, Meleah Farlow, Johnny Claybrook and more) who will be screaming WAR EAGLE in support of the Auburn Tigers at game time. I just hope it's a great game. If it is close at the end, the edge has to go to Auburn. But that's a big IF...
  • Speaking of Darin Miller (FUMC-K), he is actually in Pasadena for the game, and he tweeted last night that he ran into Adam Sandler and his kids in a book store in Malibu. How cool is that? Maybe Auburn really is a team of destiny...
  • One more football note. The Tampa Bay Bucs just hired Lovie Smith as their new head coach- which is exactly what Jun Kuramochi has been asking more for months now! Jennifer Minnigan Kuramochi (FUMC-K) married a wise man! But I guess we already knew that, didn't we?
  • I scored some seriously classic movies on Blu-Ray for Christmas, including A Fish Called Wanda, Grosse Pointe Blank, Big, City Slickers and Real Genius. Marilyn got When Harry Met Sally and Grease, Will got Spaceballs (among others). and we got Home Alone 1 & 2 for the family. That's a lot of hours of entertainment. Movie marathon, anyone?
  • I'm writing this year about #DangerDays, about risking and stepping out in faith, and would love to have YOU join me a a guest blogger. Need an example? Kelly Jeck Trace (FUMC-K) is stepping out to start her own marketing business. Our prayers and best wishes are with you, Kelly! 
  • And finally, my old buddy Brent Bill (Quaker Lake & beyond!) recently recommended a very interesting book- The Twible. It's written by Jana Riess, and it's the Bible with the verses done in 140 characters or less, Twitter style. My copy came yesterday and I'm looking forward to diving in. If you've never read scripture, this is probably not the place to start. But if you want a fresh look at some old words, this looks interesting. Also with 83% more humor! And just to make sure I don't look too frivolous, I also bought Brent's book Sacred Compass, which everyone should read!
So there you go! Have a blessed day, stay safe and warm, and remember God loves you!

Because of Jesus,

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