Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sorcery In the Sky

One of the most exciting parts of Floridays 1990 for me was seeing the newly opened Disney/MGM Studios Theme Park for the first time.  And one of my favorite parts of the Studios was there late night fireworks spectacular, Sorcery In the Sky (see picture).  This new evening-ending show began the week before we arrived, and was done in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Disney classic Fantasia.   Thousands of patrons (including all of us!) gathered on the main street of the park to watch as fireworks danced through the sky, perfectly choreographed to music from some of the greatest movies of all time.  The narration was done by the late, great Vincent Price.  At the grand finale, a giant Mickey the Sorcerer inflatable rose up from behind the Great Movie Ride with fireworks coming out of his finger for a spectacular finish.  Of all the fireworks displays I have ever seen, Sorcery In the Sky is my favorite.   For all of us on the Floridays 1990 trip, it is a memory we will never forget.

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