Thursday, July 24, 2014

Throwback Thursday: TNT Theme Nights

In honor of the upcoming Springfield Friends Meeting Reunion Lunch at Pizza Inn (August 16 at noon) we will be looking back at some highlights of those years each Thursday until then.  Today's Throwback Thursday post remembers a classic TNT theme night. Not that anyone cares...

One of the really fun parts of the early days of writing this blog was looking back through my files to see old newsletters and brochures I designed and wrote to keep students interested in what we were doing with our youth ministries. I have to admit I had some pretty strange ideas. The following was an ad for our TNT program at Springfield Friends Meeting from March, 1993. Would this themed event grab your attention? Or would it have sent you scrambling for the remote control, hoping to find a re-run of Little House on the Prairie?

March 15th- TNT will meet from 7:30-9PM, and it will be (YAWN) Apathy Night. This is your night not to care! Wear the most boring clothes you can find- nothing bright or colorful. Some of the things that will not be allowed on this night include laughing, smiling, crying, fast movement, applause and interesting conversations. If you are caught breaking these rules, you will be dealt with in a very boring manner. Yawning is perfectly legal. Plan to join us for a real ho-hum evening of boredom- or not- I could care less if you come to Apathy Night.

Hard to imagine that the youth still showed up, huh? But they did, for this and lots of other very strange theme nights, such as Jell-O Night, Disco Night, Slop Night, Pie Eating Night and 60's Revival Night. Those nights were all part of what we did to put butts in the seats so we could talk about Jesus. And for those of you who may have been part of one of my groups, I am curious- what theme night sticks in your memory? I'd love to hear from you!

Because of Jesus,

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