Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Happy Birthday, Will Jones!

I normally seek to be humble and restrained in my interactions with the online world, but today I am going to brag. If fact, I am going to be totally insufferable. You see, today is my son's 19th birthday. And regardless of who you are or who your son is, today I celebrate the fact that my son is better than yours. There- I said it. My son is the best!

Why would I be so obnoxious about Will Jones? As we used to say in my neighborhood growing up, "It's no brag- just fact." Will is an honor student entering his sophomore year of college. This summer he has taken two classes while working jobs at both Chick-fil-A and Olive Garden- and maintaining a great relationship with his girlfriend. Today, as we celebrate his birthday, he wanted to include my mother in the festivities so we are all (including Michelle) going up to have lunch with her. That's how thoughtful he is. No one could ask for a better son.

That quasi-beard he's sporting in the picture at the top? That's just two days without shaving. He ate that Fudge Mudslide all by himself. The boy has skills! He can also cook. He makes great chili and slaw for hot dogs and has been known to throw down a mean meatloaf as well. Will is a gifted writer and musician. He has been a brave child out of necessity- he has me for a father! He not only puts up with my old friends and old stories, he actually seems to enjoy them on occasion. He understands things about me that make many people scratch their heads in confusion. He treats people with dignity and respect, but stands up for himself as well. I could not be more proud of the man he has become.

But that's not even the best part of being Will's dad. The best part is how much of life we get to share. Our love of music, movies and a shared sense of humor give us much to talk about. We both enjoy making fun of the idiocies of politics and politicians, and going all Mystery Science Theater 3000 on bad movies and TV shows. We both were/are obsessed with How I Met Your Mother. He loves going to church with us. In short, I'd love hanging out with Will even if I wasn't his father. He's just that cool. I'm so glad I get to spend this day celebrating with him, Marilyn and Michelle!

So be sure and leave Will a comment and wish him HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And if you feel really depressed because you now know you don't have the best son in the world, let us know. I'm sure Will can offer words of comfort. Yeah...he's that good...


  1. Happy Birthday to THE coolest son (since I have a daughter, I have no dog in this fight). And you seem to be a pretty awesome father, too!

  2. Thanks Teresa! You are just too sweet. :)

  3. Now I want a Fudge Mudslide...Happy Birthday, Will!

    1. Will says he MIGHT be willing to share next time!


  5. Anonymous7/16/2014

    Happy Birthday Will! Patsy Hill


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