Saturday, July 26, 2014

Prayers for Posey

Posey & Marilyn
Last night in Elkin, NC my father-in-law Posey Steele fell outside of one of his favorite places, Bojangles Chicken & Biscuits, and hit his head. A CT at the local hospital showed bleeding in his head and he was airlifted to Forsyth Hospital in Winston-Salem for surgery. After further testing they felt surgery was too dangerous, with only a 30% chance of survival. Posey drifted off into a light coma, where he remains this morning. His wife Marie and daughter Carol stayed with him last night, and Marilyn will be flying up a little later today to join the family at his side. If you've never met Posey, then you don't know what a unique and special man he is. If you have met him, I can guarantee you have a story to tell. He has been a great husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather and will leave a legacy of faith, love and laughter when his Savior calls him home. Right now all there is to do is pray. Pray for the doctors. Pray for the family. Pray for Marilyn as she flies to NC. But most of all, pray for Posey. Pray for healing, of course. But pray also for peace and rest with whatever this situation may bring. We love you, Posey. There will be updates on Marilyn's Facebook and my Twitter as we learn anything. Thank you, dear friends.

Because of Jesus,

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