Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Chain of Prayer

A quick update on my father-in-law, Posey Steele. He is still in critical condition, and there are still many unknowns. But there are also positive signs. Marilyn reports that he has been speaking and showing signs that he recognizes people. His family had not left his side. We wait and see what today might bring.

I believe in the power of prayer. Back in my student ministry days we used to begin every summer with a Chain of Prayer. Usually a 12 hour event, we would have youth sign up to come to the church and pray for 30 minutes. They would pray for family and friends, for themselves, for our ministries and for our world. It was always a powerful time- 12 uninterrupted hours of speaking with God. It made a difference in both the prayer and for those for whom we prayed. Over the past 36 hours I have felt like I was once again involved in a Chain of Prayer, this time for Posey. Marilyn and I have gotten messages from so many people who have been praying and are continuing to pray for him and the family. Many of these friends do not know Posey, but they know us, and they are simply showing their love. Prayer puts us all with the family in that hospital room. We are a people who believe in God's healing power and that prayers are heard by the Almighty. The prayers are being felt in Winston-Salem, my friends. They lift and comfort a hurting family. They offer hope to a very sick man in a hospital bed. Your prayers are a direct link to hope. It feels like this chain has been unbroken since Posey fell, and no doubt it will continue. And for that I lift a prayer of thanksgiving.

One quick story. Last night I received a text from a friend on vacation who was asking for updates. A little while after we finished chatting, she texted one more time to ask the name of Marilyn's father. The reason? Her 5 year old daughter wanted to pray for him. Amazing to watch God at work, isn't it? Have a blessed Sunday- and keep praying, my friends!

Because of Jesus,

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  1. More good news! He ate and drank a little something this morning. Posey continues to surprise the doctors!!!


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