Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Right Stuff

We all have been given gifts by our loving God. The talents and abilities we have received are many and varied. Some make good use of these gifts; others allow them to sit around, wasted and forgotten. Many of us- and I do mean US- like to complain that we are not gifted in the ways that we wish we were. We pray that our gifts would be more spectacular. I often wish that this blog would be read by millions so that I could make a difference for Jesus on a much larger scale. I wish I had a large congregation clamoring to hear me preach every Sunday. I pray that God will use me to start a movement that will change the world. I want to make a significant contribution to the family of God in some spectacular way. But those are not my gifts. There are days it seems that God didn't give me the right stuff...

And then I sit and meditate on my past 7 days. Opportunity arose for me to offer words of encouragement to a depressed friend. Another former (now adult) youth needed someone to listen as they faced a difficult discussion with their parents. A dear friend needed some phone conversation to keep her company on a long ride. My wife needed to vent about being overwhelmed at work. I received several prayer requests that I was happy to add to my prayer list. I was able to reach out to a few friends who were hurting and just remind them that they are loved. As I recalled all of these moments of the last week, I could feel the Holy Spirit gently kicking me in the butt. I have been given the gifts of listening and encouragement. I know this to be true. And though at times I pray for something greater, something more flamboyant, it is on days like today that I realize that God has given me the exact gifts I need to serve Jesus in the way God wants me to. Simply be lending an ear and REALLY listening to those who are hurting or just need company, I serve God. Just by offering words of encouragement and reminding friends that they are special to me and that Jesus loves them no matter what, I serve God. My gifts may not change the world today. But they may help change the world for one person. The same can be said of your gifts as well. Whatever they may be, USE THEM! Like me, I think you will discover that once you get past your own pride and ego that you will see God has gifted you to do things that need to be done. We are called to faithful, not successful. We just need to believe that God, in His infinite wisdom, has given us the right stuff to be in ministry in our world, no matter who we are or where we are. Be blessed, my friends. And do what you were made to do...

Because of Jesus,

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