Thursday, December 19, 2013

Magic Moments: Santa Carl

Today's Magic Moment is a vintage post that has become a Christmas season tradition on this blog because it is so full of great memories for me. I hope it brings back a few for many of you as well. Only 6 more sleeps until Christmas...

This blog has grown so much in the past four years that sometimes I forget that in the beginning my only readers were former members of my various youth groups. The posts were more often about old stories of great memories, and were here for their reflection and enjoyment. Today is another one of those posts, although my newer readers are more than welcome to enjoy it as well! About 3 years ago I put together a little slideshow featuring pictures of kids from the various youth ministries I served over the years and jolly old Saint Nick. Most of these pictures were taken at youth group Christmas parties. Some of the "youth" in these old photos are over 40 now. Many of them have children of there own.  Others are still in college. The point is, I can look back at these pictures and remember all of the love and Christmas cheer we would all share this time of year and it is very special to me. For you see in every single picture in this slideshow, I am Santa. It's me under the beard. I always loved doing the Santa thing, and looking back at these memories is great fun.

I chose the song I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday from one of my favorite old-school bands, All Star United. This song is full of energy and joy, but it also carries an important message. How much better would this world be if we were the people all year long that we try to be at Christmas? Enjoy the slideshow. And if you happen to be in it, thank you for some unbelievable memories.  I would love to hear from you all.

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