Friday, June 13, 2014

30/30: If I Had $100,000...

OK, so I have to start today with a confession. This prompt- which I must remind myself I wrote back in December so I have no one to blame but me- does not excite me at all. But I have committed to this 30/30 Vision Blog Challenge, and so write this post I must. But my heart is not really in it.  

There are a variety of things I would do if I suddenly came into that much money. Here's a list of things I could do and still stay within the $100,000 limit.

  1. Pay off all of my medical bills and other debts.
  2. Take my family on a really nice vacation.
  3. Rent the Betsy B for a week and invite 40 of my closest friends to join us.
  4. Buy Will a car.
  5. Travel the country seeing old friends.
Or, if I just wanted to blow it all at once I could hire a high-powered lawyer for a big lawsuit I have in mind. But you can read more about that in the days to come. I hope you all have a great weekend.

Because of Jesus,

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