Monday, June 23, 2014

Are You Qualified To Serve God?

We often say that we will be happy to serve God just as soon as we are "ready." What we often mean by those words is that as soon as we feel educated enough, blessed enough, happy enough or qualified enough we will will allow God to use us in areas we feel good about. If you think God is waiting for you to be qualified, you have not paid much attention to scripture. Take a look at the two items below. The first I saw on Marilyn's Facebook. The second is a devotional I have used here before from my favorite little book, God Is No Fool. Soak in them, and remember this truth- we are often called to join God in ministry where He is already at work, not invite God to join us in places we want to go. That was a very tough lesson for me to learn. God needs us all now. People who love God and live lives that share the love of God whose name is Jesus are God's Plan A for saving the world. There is no Plan B. God will use you right now, no matter your weakness, no matter your faults. Just surrender. It' not about what you can do. It's about what God can do with you!

Lois Cheney wrote:
Moses said, "Oh come on now!  Be sensible!  Not me! I'm a terrible speaker.  They'd never listen to me."  And God said, "Oh for crying out loud!  OK, I'll use your brother to help with the speaking."  And Moses led God's people out of disintegration.

Jonah said, "Oh come on now!  Be sensible!  Not me!  I'm not the type."  And after a rather unexpected vacation in a fish, just thinking things over, he talked to God's people and led them God's way- even though he wasn't happy about it.

And Zacharias said, "Oh come on now! Be sensible!  Not me!  My wife and I are too old to have any kids."  And God said, "Oh shut up!"  And he did shut up- for nine months.  And John was born, and the way for the Christ opened up.

And I heard a child say
"I can't serve God, I'm too young."

And I heard a boy say
"I can't serve God, I'm not good enough."

And I hear a woman say
"I can't serve God I'm not skilled enough."

And I heard a man say
"I can't serve God I'm not pure enough."

I wonder if God ever gets any new problems...

Because of Jesus,

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