Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Just Me & the Dog- The Sequel

Yesterday was a great, great day.  Marilyn had the day off, Will was home, and my former Springfield Friends Meeting youth and current hero of Haiti Ashley Goad Broadhurst was at our house.  In fact she still is!  We all spent the day together. We ate too much, laughed too much and had just entirely too much fun telling stories old and new.  After normal people wake up, we will get a little more time together before she flies home to Las Vegas this afternoon.  It is such a blessing to get a day like that with family and friends.  I really do know all the best people!

But life changes fast.  This morning at 5:18 AM  Marilyn and Will took our car and headed off for two weeks vacation.  They will visit her family in NC; her 2 sisters, her niece (and her 3 kids) and her Mom and Dad.  It is a vacation they both need and deserve, and I am so glad they get to go.  It does, however, make for an interesting two weeks for me...and the dog (Just look at him.  Doesn't he looked depressed?).  You may remember that we only have one car.  That means I am car-less for the next 12 days.  My mastery of the Tampa bus system aside (LOL), I will be spending a lot of time around the house.  I have purchased the groceries.  I have toilet paper.  There is plenty of dog food and lots of Beggin' Strips.  I am ready.  Conner the dog is not so sure...

There was a time, just 2 years ago, when this happened before. Two weeks, no car, just me & the dog.  And at that point and time I really was ALONE for those two weeks. Now there are so many amazing people back in my life, people I communicate with nearly every day, that make this seem less like a marathon and more like an adventure.  But still, I will be here alone.

There was also a time, much longer ago now, when life was very busy and full of people who needed things from me, when two weeks of just me & the dog would have seemed like paradise.  Now- well, not so much.  I will miss my family so much- just like I miss all of the students who used to be around our home on a regular basis.  But there are some "silver linings" to this dark cloud.  I get control of the remote from Will, and there will be much watching of my beloved Tampa Bay Rays.  I will stay up for Letterman, and sleep a little later than Marilyn's standard 5:45 AM wake-up alarm.  I can definitely see viewings of Field of Dreams and Grown Ups in my future.  I will cook more, pray more, clean more, walk more, read more and write more.  I will take more time to "be still and know..."  I am going to spend lots of time with my newly re-strung guitar, because there is a reunion coming in April and I need to get ready!  But I will still have lots and lots of free time, so if you have been hankerin' to come to Tampa, this is a really good time for a visit...    And if you want to help keep me entertained, it's a great couple of weeks for texts,  phone calls, comments and e-mails.

So today, I count my many blessings and pray for buses that run on schedule.  I pray for my family as they travel.  I am so thankful that unlike 2 years ago when I was last alone and without a car for 2 weeks, this time I know I can count on my dear friend Lisa Jewett to provide me with entertainment and transportation.  I have so many friends with whom I can text.  It's going to be fun! So read along with me and I will keep you updated.  Though I no longer have to survive with just me and the dog. I promise it will still be an adventure...

Because of Jesus,


  1. You can count on me for a phone call or two. :)

    1. I can always count on you, Teresa! :)

  2. I hope Marilyn & Will have a great trip! I know you will miss them, but enjoy your time!


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