Tuesday, July 31, 2012

7 Things: How I Would Change the Olympics

The dog and I have been on our own for a full week now, and with 4 or 5 days left to go we seem to be surviving pretty well.  My friends Jerry and Lisa have provided me with so much transportation that I have nothing to whine about! The start of the London Olympics has also helped to occupy a great deal of what would have otherwise been some seriously boring downtime.  When home, I am pretty much glued to the TV. I even have trouble tearing myself away to go to bed at night.  My watching habits are not normal, I freely confess. I don't really care about watching sports that the USA team will dominate.  I prefer some of the lesser known stuff, and I love when underdogs win.  I actually prefer the Winter Olympics in some ways because our USAmerican athletes are almost always underdogs there.  In fact, it would make these games the best EVER if the USA loses a men's or women's basketball game (see below) to a country like Tunisia or Montenegro.  I have always been a huge fan of the Olympics, and that continues to be be true.  However...there are a few changes I would have made if I were in charge this time around.  What are they, you ask?  I am so glad you did!  Here are 7 subtle changes I might suggest...

  1. With these games in London, I feel the organizers missed a great opportunity by not bringing back jousting.  Knights in armor doing serious damage right on the front lawn of Buckingham Palace.  It would have been a ratings bonanza, and would have been less offensive than the reality show NBC keeps plugging that turns war into a reality show.  Plus it might have allowed the host country to dominate a sport...
  2. NBC should ban all political commercials for the duration of the games.  All of them.  Just when I feel my spirits soaring because some woman from Uganda pulled off a stunning upset in table tennis, I am brought crashing back to earth by some voice over yo-yo reminding me that Mitty says ping while Obama says pong.  For these 16 days it should be OK not to care. In fact, it should be applauded!   Thank you.
  3. In basketball, the USA teams are just too good. I think the scoring should be done on a curve to make it interesting again. For instance, the USA should have to win by 25 points or more or they actually lose.  Other teams should get bonus points if they are ahead at halftime. USA players should have to go in a penalty box after fouls so the other nations get 5 on 4 power play situations.  And intentional fouls against LeBron James should be perfectly legal.  And encouraged!  :)
  4. BRAVO is showing nothing but tennis.  Really?  Americans don't even watch Wimbledon anymore.  The NBC family of networks should set aside one channel that shows nothing but volleyball and beach volleyball 24/7. I would never go to bed.  And an all water polo network wouldn't be bad either...
  5. I love the swimming events and the still-to-come track events, but here's an idea to spice up both.  The relays are often the most exciting events, so why not add some coed relays?  Get the best women and men together on some 4x100 relays and see what happens!  I am betting it would be great fun.  And while we are at it, why not coed beach volleyball?  I think I am on to something with this one!
  6. I have always wondered how gymnastics scores would change if the judges had no idea who they were judging.  So here's my thought- make all the athletes wear the same uniform and mix them all together for the prelims.  Have them all wear some sort of mask and a number.  Make the judges deliver scores with no knowledge of who the contestant is or what nation they represent.  My guess is everything would change.  And while we are at it, go back to the old scoring system.  It had flaws I am sure, but at least idiots like me could understand it.  After the men's team finals last night I am more convinced than ever that they are making up rules as they go along.  And what is up with the color thing?  I actually heard an announcer say the other night that "the score is a 13.687, but it is in the yellow zone, so it may be good or it may be bad."  What the @*&% does that mean?  That's like saying someone scored a touchdown, but the ref didn't like his style- so it MAY only be worth 5 points.  Ridiculous.  I want my perfect 10 back. Nadia, where are you?
  7. They keep looking for entertainment pieces to play between sporting events, so here is my suggestion. Ryan Seacrest is working for NBC during the games, and Simon Cowell lives in London. so why not a do an American Idol type show using only the athletes of the games.  Who doesn't want to hear a sing-off between Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps?  My guess is Lochte will talk about how much better he is, but will find a way to not quite win (Cheap shot).  I am available for programming tips as needed, Peacock. 
Judo, badminton, table tennis, water polo, archery, target shooting, equestrian events, diving, fencing, boxing, cycling and weight lifting are just some of the sports I have watched this week that I will not watch again for another 4 years. And many more- including speed skating and indoor cycling- are still to come.  Keep it coming, London 2012! You had me at Bond and the Queen...

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