Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday Shout Outs!

WOW.  Can you believe it's been almost 2 months since the last time I did a shout out to all of the folks who make my life so blessed?  We've covered an awful lot of ground and had some big revelations here on the blog since then, and I've got a LOT of people to talk about.  As you will see, the old crew from the 1st UMC- Kissimmee has been especially active lately- I love those guys!  So let's get started!
  • Over the past week I have received some incredible, grace-filled, blow your socks off e-mails and messages.  Thank you Teresa Reep Tysinger, Caitlin Esry, Jacob Lupfer, Brook Teoli Phelps and Lauren Carr Cacciatore (all FUMC-Kissimmee); Ashley Goad Broadhurst, Jamie Robinson, Rebecca Howard Jackson and Becky Memmelaar (Springfield Friends);  and Eric Hendrickson & Jason Huffman (Twitter).  My words will never convey what your words meant to me.  Love you all!
  • Adam Hill & the Hair
    It's Trivia Time!  Everyone (most likely from Springfield or Kissimmee) who can tell me in what building the picture on the right was taken could win a chance to win the opportunity to win a prize! Still trying to arrange for more autographed pictures of Jerry Hanbery (FUMC-K) to give away...
  • Marilyn and I had a great lunch on Easter Sunday with Zack Wehr (Wesley Memorial), his mom Linda and his girlfriend Jackie.  It was wonderful to see them, and we hope to do it again soon!
  • Congrats to Nate Hill (FUMC-K) on his graduation from the FSU Law School.  Nate & Amanda were the first couple I ever married, so they will always be special to me!
  • Ken Hill (Springfield) ran in and completed (with a great time!) the Boston Marathon a few weeks back.  It's an awesome accomplishment.  Way to go, Ken!
  • Speaking of eating (it's a common theme on the Shout Outs!) we had dinner just this past Thursday night with Wayne and John Cook (FUMC-K).  It was great to see them and we had a blast- although it still seems like John should be 9 years old to us.  He's in college.  OUCH!  But eating at Miguel's Mexican makes everything better!
  • And continuing the theme, later today will be having lunch with Cathy Thacker (FUMC-K) here in Tampa.  She, Wayne and John were all in town for the Florida Annual Conference (UMC) meetings.  When last I heard Mrs. T was craving a Cuban sandwich...
  • Congratulations to Erica Souther Davis (FUMC-K) on the birth of her first child, Evelyn.  She was born May 23rd and everyone is doing well!
  • Speaking of babies, Jenninfer Minnigan Kuramochi's (FUMC-K) pregnancy is moving right along, and she is quick to extol the virtues of stretchy pants!  The Jones family will be dining with she and Jun on June 12, so I will report more later.  Also, Lisa Kraus Spires (FUMC-K) is doing well on her way to baby #2.  She is taking volunteers to help her get everything ready this summer while she is off from teaching.  Rumor has it she is a "cleaning nazi" in addition to her ruthlessness with VBS crafts...
  • My Twitter family has just been an unbelievable example of God's grace and mercy over the past couple of weeks, I want to thank them for the kind words and the prayers.  Angie, Jenn, Robert, Kevin, Christie, Dave, Mark and probably 10 others I am leaving out- thank you.  You are all blessings to me.
So there we go- another shout out in the books.  I hope all of you have a great weekend. 

Because of Jesus,


    1. Oh, I'd give anything for that Jerry Hanberry!!!! The answer is the Betsy B.

    2. Via e-mail from Teresa: "PS - My intelligence was a bit offended at the trivia question today. Really? Anyone who was ANYBODY should know that or die of shame. Ha. Where's my prize, punk?" Pretty sure of yourself, huh? Well IF you're right maybe your prize will be SPAM! It's ON now, Reep! :)

    3. LOL Don't think you're threatening my by pulling out the Reep. I wear that name with PRIDE. Remember it.

    4. You are an amazing portrait of God's grace and redemption, Carl. Very grateful to our Father for the privilege of being your friend. Truly.

    5. I am humbled by His grace Angie, just as I am humbled by the love and support of so many friends. And the privilege is all mine...


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