Thursday, March 31, 2011

CCM Thursday: Newsboys Top 10 (Twice!)

Today's Top 10 is a little different. I wanted to honor the great band Newsboys, who had such a huge impact on my youth groups at FUMC-Kissimmee and Wesley Memorial UMC.  But they are an ever evolving band, and have lots of newer music I am not aware of.  In fact, you may not know that they are currently on their third different lead singer (following John James and Peter Furler)- Michael Tait of dc Talk fame!  So I asked my Twitter friend Jennifer Wethington, a self-proclaimed Newsboys freak (her Twitter name is @LuvLibertyDisco) to send me her Top 10 list.  Here it is, complete with explanations!

10)  Take Me To Your Leader- Always reminds me of the good ol' days when Duncan played the keyboards.  (Take Me To Your Leader, 1996)
9)   I Cannot Get You Out Of My System -the music video = awesome  (Not Ashamed-1992)
8)   One Shot -I enjoy the lyrics so much, specifically the Facebook/Twitter part! (Born Again- 2010)
7)   Born Again -I love hearing this song live, and SHOUTING the chorus!! ( Born Again -2010)
6)   Lost The Plot - So passionate. (Take Me To Your Leader- 1996)
5)   Elle G. -It made me cry  (Going Public- 1994)
4)   No Grave -Love the message!  (In the Hands of God- 2009)
3)   Say You Need Love - "Heard it said you're an accident, biological mistake; So you're a love child, who could say it better; a physical grace, a perfect display."  Powerful.  (Love, Liberty, Disco- 1999)
2) Take My Hands (Praises) - This song, no joke, changed my life. It started my love for Newsboys; it started my love for music. (Adoration: The Worship Album- 2003)
1)   Love Liberty Disco - Not only is this my all-time favorite song, it's a part of who I am.(Love, Liberty, Disco- 1999)

An awesome list, Jennifer, and I think you so much for sharing it.  But I have to admit you left off a few that I just have to mention.  So here's how my old school list would look:

10)  Love, Liberty, Disco - I too, love this one- although not as much as Jennifer.  :)  And who could forget the Airdome Tour- with no Airdome!  Right, FUMC-K?
9)  Not Ashamed - First Newsboys song I ever heard.  Awesome message.  (Not Ashamed- 1992)
 8)  Entertaining Angels - This song (and video) gave me hope all was not lost after John James left the group. (Step Up To the Microphone- 1998)
7)  Take Me To Your Leader-  Again, I agree with Jennifer. Also my favorite Newsboys album, and #3 on my CCM Countdown!
6)  Fad of the Land-  A great rocker about steering clear of false idols and fads.  (Thrive- 2002)
5)  Wherever We Go - "Wherever we go, that's where the party's at..."  Great song.  (Go - 2006)
4)  He Reigns - One of the truly great songs of praise ever written.  (Adoration: The Worship Album- 2003)
3)  It Is You-  One of my favorite worship songs in Tampa and Waycross.  (Thrive- 2002)
2)  Breakfast-  I dare you not to sing (and whistle!) along.  Great live.  (Take Me To Your Leader- 1996)
1)  Shine "Make 'em wonder what you've got..."   Loved singing this with youth groups and trying to make all the words fit.  One of the top 5 videos ever!  (Going Public- 1994)  
And the amazing thing is we've still left out a lot of classics!  Did we miss your favorites?  Let us hear about it!  Our lists my disagree, but we totally agree on one thing- Newsboys have made a ton of great music, and they are not done yet!  Thanks again, Jennifer.  I'm off to listen to Born Again!

Because of Jesus,

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  1. Anonymous3/31/2011

    Pretty good lists- but how could you leave off "Reality" and "Million Pieces?" 2 classics!!! - Rodney Murphy, VT


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