Thursday, March 3, 2011

CCM Thursday: Jars of Clay Top 10

In 1995 the unknown band Jars of Clay released their first album, called Jars of Clay.  Creative, huh?  It wasn't long before a single from that project was sweeping the nation.  Flood was played on Christian radio, regular radio and had a video in heavy rotation on MTV.  Jars of Clay had arrived.  That debut CD became a favorite at FUMC-K, with songs like Liquid, Love Song For A Savior, Like a Child and Flood joining the "songs we knew by heart" playlist.  And I began a love affair with their music that has lasted until today.  It wasn't always easy to love them.  In the beginning, seeing them live was almost painful. In fact, when our praise band at FUMC-K would stand around between songs acting like they didn't know what was next, we called it "Claying"- because that is exactly what JOC did on stage.  They got ever it and became one of my favorite concert acts ever.  And through it all, there was always the music.

In 2001 I entered a contest on their website and won a Baby Taylor guitar with the logo of their The Eleventh Hour album burned into the body.  A picture of me playing it is a right.  As I right today I can tell you that one of favorite Tweeters in Dan Hasseltine, lead singer of the band since the beginning.  I asked on Twitter last week for people to name their favorite Jars songs, and the answers were predictable and nearly all from that first album.  If you check out my Top 50 CCM Countdown you will find that there are 3 JOC projects listed; two of them are in the top six.  Their debut album is NOT ranked highest.  Limiting myself to 10 songs will not be easy.  In fact, I didn't- there was one tie.  So anyway, without further delay, here are my top 10 favorite Jars of Clay songs.  As always, I 'd love to hear your opinions.  Feel free to argue with me, correct me, or simply add on.  Let's do it!

10)  Crazy Times (From the 1997 album Much Afraid)
  9)  The Valley Song (From the 2003 album Furthermore)
  8)  Flood (From the 1995 album Jars of Clay)
  7)  Revolution (From the 2001 album The Eleventh Hour)
  6)  God Will Lift Up Your Head (From the 2005 album Redemption Songs)
  5)  World's Apart (From the 1995 album Jars of Clay)
  5)  Work (From the 2006 album Good Monsters)
  4)  Collide (From the 1999 album If I Left the Zoo)
  3)  Love Song For a Savior (From the 1995 album Jars of Clay)
  2)  Dead Man (Carry Me) (From the 2006 album Good Monsters)
  1)  Like A Child (From the 1995 album Jars of Clay)
        Honorable Mention:  Tea & Sympathy, Unforgetful You, Good Monsters,
        Sinking, Liquid, Waiting For the World To Fall

So there you go.  I'm going to get destroyed for putting Flood so low on the list, but hey- it's my list!  Have a blessed day everyone!

Because of Jesus,


  1. @mizweatherby3/03/2011

    I love you BUT "FLOOD" is number 1. You can't fool me. That is all. :)

  2. Christie I knw I coould count on you to bash me about FLOOD. But at least you were sweet about it! :)

  3. So sorry, but I have to agree that "FLOOD" is #1. :)


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