Thursday, March 17, 2011

CCM Thursday: dc Talk Top 10

A while back on this very blog I did a countdown of the 50 contemporary Christian albums (1972-2007) that had the most impact on my life and ministry.  As I struggled to rank the projects from #50 down to #1, the only spot that was never in question was #1.  It would be Jesus Freak from dc Talk, and it was a no-brainer.  Two other dc Talk projects- Free At Last and Supernatural- also appear in that countdown (click here to see it in its entirety).  In the 1990s no song had the impact on youth groups across USAmerica that Jesus Freak did.  So my list of the Top 10 dc Talk songs is really more about numbers 10-2 than it is about #1. 

Although I had heard a few of their early rap songs (Nu Thang), I first became really aware of dc Talk when I saw them open for Michael W. Smith around 1992.  They were playing stuff from Free At Last, and I could not believe how good they were.  I gave away tons of copies of that cassette tape at Springfield Friends Meeting back in the day.  Many songs from Toby, Mike and Kevin had a huge impact on my youth group at FUMC-Kissimmee from 1994-2000.  Some of my guys made a music video featuring Lean On Me.  One of my really intelligent high school guys had always really struggled with his faith until the song Mind's Eye explained his own feelings to him.  We sang In the Light, Colored People, Lean On Me and Into Jesus at youth.  I used Since I Met You for my FUMC-K slideshow on this blog.  We attended the Jesus Freak Tour and the Supernatural Tour.  And we used curriculum form Interlinc to host a special Jesus Freak event.  I think half of the students had Jesus Freak t-shirts.  It's no exaggeration to say that dc Talk was an important part of that ministry.

So here we go.  My favorites, plus a couple that received Twitter votes that I might not have otherwise included.  Your favorite not here?  Comments and complaints are welcome...

10)  Consume Me  (From the 1998 album Supernatural)   
  9)  My Will  (From the 1999 various artists album Exodus)
  8)  Time Is...  (From the 1995 album Free At Last
  7)  Lean On Me  (From the 1992 album Free at Last)
  6)  What If I Stumble?  (From the 1995 album Jesus Freak)
  5)  Luv Is a Verb  (From the 1992 album Free At Last)
  4)  The Hardway  (From the 1992 album Free At Last)
  3)  Supernatural  (From the 1998 album Supernatural)
  2)  In the Light  (From the 1995 album Jesus Freak)
  1)  Jesus Freak  (From the 1995 album Jesus Freak)
  Honorable Mention:  Colored People;  Mind's Eye;  It's Killing Me;  Red Letters;   Like It, Love It, Need It;  My Friend (So Long);   Jesus Is Still Alright   

So there you have it.  I tweeted Toby, Mike and Kevin and asked them for their favorites, but I never got any responses.  So it's up to us!  What did I miss?  Let me hear from you!

Because of Jesus,

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  1. Anonymous3/17/2011

    Can't believe you left off 2 Honks and a Negro for Free At Last! LOL On the whole a very good list! - Andy B.


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