Monday, March 14, 2011

7 Things: My Favorite Youth Ministry Destinations

I was going to blog today about the Wesley Memorial UMC student ministry's 2002 trip to Myrtle Beach today- but other memories side-tracked me.  Maybe I'll get to that Wednesday.  It's my friend Jason Huffman's fault.  He is currently on a ski trip with his youth group, and I find myself really missing youth trips.  Badly.  So today I share with you 7 places (in no particular order) I would rather be than here- as long as I had a bunch of uth to travel with me.  Here we go!
  1. The Betsy B-  Stories of this 3-level ocean front house in North Myrtle Beach, SC are all over this blog, so I will simply refer you to 7 Things: The Betsy B for more complete info.  The first time I stayed there with a group was 1980; the final time was 2000.  And for those of you who may be unaware, when one of my very wealthy former youth or youth counselors decides to buy it for me it will be the official home of my Youth Group Hall of Fame.
  2. The Milford Plaza Hotel-  Located in the heart of Manhattan, the "Lullaby of Broadway" was our home away from home in New York City for every trip between 1989 and 2005.  The rooms were tiny (and we put 4 people in them), the radiators nearly killed me on several occasions and you never knew who might follow you back to the hotel when you were out walking- but I wouldn't have wanted to stay anywhere else.  An added bonus was the Celebrity Deli in the basement, which served the Celebrity Cheesecake- half cheesecake, half chocolate mousse.  Heaven!  For pictures of our many New York adventures, check out our slide show by clicking here.
  3. The Caribbean Beach Resort-  Our home for the amazing 1993 trip to Walt Disney World we took from Springfield Friends Meeting. To see 7 Things: The Magic Tour Edition click this link-  Aruuuuuubaaaaa!
    Sara, Jill & Sandi at the Ocoee Inn
  5. The Ocoee Inn- We had several Mid-High Adventures in the 1990s which included rafting trips down the Ocoee River in Tennessee. We would always spend at least one night at the Ocoee Inn, which was...uh....rustic. Yeah, I'll go with rustic! :) But we loved that place and the giant bugs in our cabins, the collapsing beds and the dock where we would sing and worship at night (see picture).  And who could forget our skinny-dipping intern!  I REALLY hate my wife never got to stay there. She doesn't...but I do!
    Spanish Wells, 1997
  7. Spanish Wells, the Bahamas-  A tiny little island full of the nicest people and best food you will ever find anywhere.  We sent 2 mission teams there from Kissimmee, plus Marilyn and I went to lead some workshops on another occasion. I want some fresh lobster and mango now, please!  For more, check out 7 Things: Spanish Wells.
  8. The Cracker Barrel- When we went skiing from FUMC-Kissimmee we usually went to Winterplace Ski Resort in West Virginia. Our motels (they varied) were in Princeton, WV and were located near a Cracker Barrel. We had some great group meals there, and some great Youth Counselor breakfasts.  Dr. Jill Painter Watson always made me buy her a chocolate cobbler as payment for her medical services on the trip.  Awesome memories.
    Last Gasp, 1997 (?)
  10. Melbourne Beach, FL-  Home of FUMC-K's world famous Last Gasp Summer Blowouts from 1994-1999.  So many incredible memories, so many incredible people, and some of the best worship services I have ever been a part of.  Again, to relive some of the memories visit 7 Things: Last Gasp Summer Blowout.  I'm ready to do it all over again!
7 great places.  More amazing moments that I can possibly remember.  It is kind of painful to know I will never take those trips again, but God has blessed me with enough memories to last a lifetime.  And someday, when Cindy Martin wins the lottery and buys me the Betsy B, I want every single one of you to be there when we open the Hall of Fame!  Deal?

Because of Jesus,

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  1. Anonymous3/14/2011

    I'll miss that Betsy B place- forever! :) And the Milford was a great place as well.


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