Thursday, March 10, 2011

CCM Thursday: Hands & Feet

I loved Audio Adrenaline.  Over the years I must have seen them live at least a dozen times, and I own all of their CD's, including both greatest hits packages.  I first fell in love with them at a National Youth Workers Convention in Nashville in the mid-90's.  Lead singer Mark Stuart had a really bad cold, and by the time they reached their final song, Big House, he could no longer sing.  So one of their roadies sang the lead vocal.  How could you help but love them?

One of my very favorite Audio A songs is Hands And Feet off the Underdog album.  It is one of the very best mission-oriented songs ever written.  The chorus is a prayer for God to use each of us to accomplish His work on our planet.  Today I share their music video for the song, and I hope it will inspire you as it does me, and as it did many students I worked with over the years.  And while we are on the subject of giving and serving, check out the Compassion International information located in the right hand column of this page.  Find a way to share Jesus today with those who need Him.  Enjoy the song.

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  1. Anonymous3/10/2011

    Great song! I always think of seeing AA with the Supertones in Lakeland the night the mosh pit destroyed the church pews. They could rock! My favorite song is still Get Down. Thanks for the memories!


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