Thursday, February 17, 2011

CCM Thursday: Michael W.Smith Top 10

From time to time over the coming months I am going to be picking one of my favorite Christian artists and sharing with you my favorite songs from their catalogues.  We will kick it off today with the one and only Michael W. Smith.  This can be fun, but only if you, dear readers, will argue with me!  Leave comments letting me know which choices you loved, which ones you hated, and what I left out.  My favs from MWS are older (like me), so I would especially like to hear from you about some of your more recent favorites.  You will also notice the absence of songs from his live Worship albums.  Those songs are mostly covers of songs from other artists, so they were not considered, even though I love those albums.  If you prefer to communicate through Twitter or e-mail ( that's cool too.  So here are my Top 10 Smitty favorites!

10) Old Enough To Know (1986)
  9)  Emily  (1987)
  8)  Missing Person  (1998)
  7)  I'll Lead You Home (1995)
  6)  Pray For Me  (1988)
  5)  Rocketown  (1986)
  4)  Place In This World  (1990)
  3)  This Is Your Time  (1999)
  2)  Secret Ambition (1988)
  1)  Friends  (1983)   (What?  You were expecting Lamu?  :)  A no-brainer!)

So there you have it- now tear it apart!  What's missing? I look forward to hearing from you all!

Because of Jesus,


  1. I dont recognize some of the titles but Im sure I know the songs. My fav is Rockettown because ot has those great 3 chords at the beginning like The Who's Baba O'Reilly. Would like to know why Cross of Gold didn't make the cut? Thanks for the memories!

  2. Good call on the opening to Rockettown- I LOVE The Who! As for Cross of Gold, oddly enough it was the last one out. Thanks for reading!

  3. Anonymous2/17/2011

    I Will Be Here For You is only like his biggest hit! Come on Carl! And what's wrong with Lamu? :D - Kelsee D.

  4. Yesterday when I got in the car, "Give it Away" was playing. Funny how I had just read your blog, and MWS was on! He apparently became a grandfather this week?! WOW! However, my all time favorite is "For You". ...Sittin' in the rain, water on your brain, got a hole in your boat, tryin' to stay afloat has got you down..." Classic lyrics.

  5. That is so cool, Ashley. Both Give It Away and For You were on my short list. Great songs! Thanks for the input!


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