Tuesday, February 1, 2011

All Things Are Possible

 Jesus said, "What is humanly impossible is possible for God." -Luke 18:27

"All things are possible with God."  Do you really believe that?  It seems pretty far-fetched.  All things?  Really?  If you don't trust God, if you don't believe that a little faith can move a mighty mountain, if you don't believe God can use anyone to accomplish anything He wants to- then read on.  The story may not seem like much to you, but it is truly a miracle to me.  The Jesus Revolution continues...

I have mentioned here before that several months ago my old friend Rick Bundschuh sent me a manuscript of his new book, Deep Like Me (or another failed attempt to walk on water).  The book, full of stories of grace and redemption, is simply wonderful (and now available from Amazon).  Rick knew that my own life has had its' share of those stories these past few years, and he asked me if I would write a short review of the book- the kind that the publisher could use on the back or inside cover to encourage readers.  So I did.  Here is what I wrote:  "At a time when many in the Church see people who fail as "expendable," Rick Bundschuh reminds us of the redemptive nature of God.  His words inspired me, challenged me and, perhaps most importantly, included me in the ongoing narrative of grace as told through Jesus Christ.  Deep Like Me is a must-read for those who have tried to walk on water only to find themselves at the bottom of the sea- yet still feel the call to get out of the boat." 

After thanking me for my words, Rick asked what title the publisher should use under my name to identify me.  Knowing my situation, he told me to think about it a while.  I am, after all, a former water-walking youth pastor who has fallen from grace. That's an ironic phrase that gets tossed around a lot- fallen from grace.  In fact, as it concerns Jesus, it is not possible to do anything that would cause us to fall from grace.  We never deserved it in the first place...  Rick and I both thought this would be a chance to offer some mercy to others whose labels might cause them to feel outcast by society and/or the Church.  I decided to go with these identifiers:  Modern day leper, rescued soul, friend of Jesus, former youth pastor. 

This past week I discovered that my words and my labels all made the inside front of the book.  That Rick and the publisher would choose to use a recommendation from a sinner like me stunned me a bit.  To see my words and my name next to the others who wrote blurbs for Rick- Bart Campolo, Tic Long, Dr. David Olshine, Mark Oestricher, Dr. Jim Burns, Bethany Hamilton, Ken McCoy, Marv Penner and others- left my eyes watering and my mouth hanging open.  A sinner like me was "standing" side-by-side with youth ministry royalty.  You don't believe that grace is amazing?  You don't accept that all things are possible with God?  Walk a day in my shoes.  He uses even our failures- MY failures- to help others understand forgiveness, mercy and grace.  I suddenly understand what it must have been like to be Nicodemus- the sinner who went to supper with Jesus.  I don't know why I received the invitation, but I gladly accept it.  Thank you, Rick, for sending this gift of grace my way.

So today's reminder for the Jesus Revolution is simply this- this God we believe in, and the grace that his son Jesus brings to us, are real.  They are powerful.  They are transforming.  Don't believe it?  Think about my labels from the book.  Modern day leper. Rescued Soul.  Friend of Jesus.  Without an all-powerful God and the amazing grace of our Savior, who could possibly be all of those things at once?  Certainly not me. I have been to the bottom of the ocean, and I have been saved by grace.  With God's help, I have gotten back in the boat.  I can't wait to see what Jesus might have in store for me next...

Because of Jesus,


  1. Anonymous2/02/2011

    Awesome post. Got to check out he book! -Chris

  2. God has a purpose in our lives, each step we take, God is ahead of us.
    You deserve the bless of the God.


  3. Ooh, I really, really like this post!!! It goes straight to the heart and touches the soul. Thank you (and thankful for you) for sharing this.

    For His glory,


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