Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday Shout Outs!

Welcome to another edition of Saturday Shout Outs!  It's been an amazing couple of weeks for me, and here are some of the things I am shouting about:
  • Will (our 15 year old son) had been home a lot the past couple of weeks,  First he had exams for 4 days, so he was home before noon each day.  Then he had two days off for MLK day and a teacher workday.  It was a blast having him here so much, although things are much quieter with him back in classes.  :)  OH...he's taking Driver's Ed this semester, so start praying for us NOW!!!
  • I have a few prayer requests to pass along.  Lorelei Hanbery, daughter of Melissa & Jerry (FUMC-K), has been sick this week with a stomach bug and dehydration.  She also had her 1st birthday.  Let's remember that family.  Jennifer Minnigan Kuramochi (FUMC-K) is still in the early stages of her pregnancy, and we want to be praying for her and Jun.  Ashley Goad Broadhurst (Springfield Friends) just returned from Haiti and will head back that way in abut 6 weeks to build more wells and provide clean water for that poverty stricken nation.  Remember Ashley, but more importantly, pray for the people of Haiti.  And a final request- as we used to say in the prayer circle at FUMC-K on many occasions, "Unspoken."
  • Marilyn posted on Facebook a little over a week ago that I was making Mexican Pile-Up for supper one night.  Cindy Martin (FUMC-K) wrote how much she missed having that at Super Bowl parties, so I invited her and anyone else who wants to make the trip to Tampa to come on over Feb. 5th.  Reservations are required!  :)
  • I also need to express the sheer joy Will and I had in watching the New England Patriots lose.  The Hoodie and the Pretty Boy went down, and we loved it!
  • I heard from Kevin & Jess Penner via Twitter this week.  Some of you will remember Kevin as the drummer and Jess as the guitar player/vocalist from Spooky Tuesday.  Sounds like they are doing well!
  • Speaking of Twitter, you might be interested to know that my post A Word of Caution was passed around and read by youth workers all over the world.  I have met lots of very cool people on Twitter and have over 600 followers now, most of which are either Disney fanatics or involved in ministry in some way.  It's all very groovy..
  • One final Twitter note:  I tweeted this week that I saw where IHOP was offering all-you-can-eat pancakes for $4.99, and that I took that as a personal challenge.  So here's my question to you, faithful readers- how many pancakes would I need to eat to break even, and how many do you think I could put away at one sitting?  I need your input!
  • And finally, I wanted to share a link with you.  Our pastor, Matthew Hartsfield, read us a Love Letter From God last Sunday, and it was amazing.  It was scripture verses woven together into letter form, with God speaking to each of us.  If you have any doubts about how much God loves YOU, go read this now.  You can find it at 
That's it for today!  I hope you all have a blessed weekend. that you will  "Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy," and will enjoy time with the ones you love.  And don't forget to pull for Da Bears!  Se  you tomorrow.

Because of Jesus,

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