Thursday, March 18, 2010

CCM Countdown: 8

We continue the countdown of the 50 Contemporary Christian Music projects that had the most influence on my life and ministry with number 8.  To see number 9 and get links back to the beginning, click here.

8)  EVOLUTION-  Geoff Moore and the Distance-  1993
I became aware of Geoff Moore through the National Youth Workers Convention in the early 1990's, but it took this album to make me a fan.  Featuring one of the goofiest covers ever (what the heck was Geoff thinking with that hair...) and some great music, this album featured a number of songs that we used in Kissimmee as themes for various events, including the infamous Live To Tell weekend at Myrtle Beach in 1996.  In 1997, we hosted Geoff and the Distance for a concert as well.  I was presented a framed copy of the words to Geoff's song Only A Fool (from the CD Threads) to recognize my 20th year in student ministry.  Geoff Moore was a huge part of my life and ministry.

The song that defines this album for me is the rocking Life Together, which we used as a summer them in 1997 when we had Geoff do the concert for us.   With its message of sharing life with each other and with Jesus, it could easily be the theme song for my entire ministry.  The classic If You Could See What I See has been sung at hundreds of weddings.  The title track, Evolution...Redefined talks about how it is an evolution of the heart and the soul that Christians need to be concerned about.  The aforementioned Live To Tell and Heart To God, Hand To Man (a tribute to the Salvation Army; see video below) both speak of how our lives are the most important witness we have to share.  Finally, the band's rocking cover of Larry Norman's Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music? is one of the greatest songs ever written.  And as Geoff yells out in a live version of the song, "Aren't you glad he doesn't, ya'll?"

Other Recommended Geoff Moore and the Distance Albums
A Friend Like You-  1992
Home Run-  1995*
Threads-  1997
* indicates album is included on this countdown

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