Friday, November 20, 2009

Moon Shine

Today at 2:26AM our dog, Conner, decided he needed to go outside.  He rarely does that in the middle of the night so I thought it must be important. I got up with him and took him for a short walk.  As we walked, I looked around and noticed how black the sky seemed with no moon to light it up. From there, my thoughts wandered to a news story I had seen just before bed that showed a bazillion people in line to see the new Twilight movie, New Moon.  This fascination with the moon changed my blog for today- and not just so I can tie in with the latest national phenomenon!

Many of you who are reading this blog have been more than kind with your words about my efforts here.  Whether in comments, signing the guestbook, e-mails or notes to Marilyn on Facebook, your words have been encouraging and supportive, and I cannot thank you enough.  This "thank you," however, comes with some words of caution.  These stories and recollections are being shared here NOT to remind people of things I accomplished or lives I may have touched. This blog exists so that these stories can continue to honor the Amazing Grace that Jesus brings to our lives. My life has been special- but there is nothing special about me.  I have sinned, I have lied, I have hurt people I love and I have disappointed people who counted on me. The same is true for most of us. We are a fallen people who are rescued by the grace of God whose name is Jesus.  If I have made a difference in lives or in this world, it is because at times I have been willing to be a Moon.  I once heard Louie Giglio point out that just like our moon, I can produce no light on my own.  Left to my own devices I can do precious little good.  I have made an impact on the lives of others at those times when I have been ready to realize I can never "shine" on my own.  The sun (Son) shines- the moon is merely a reflection of that light.  When I have allowed Jesus to shine through me- when I have been a reflection of His love and grace- we have been able to accomplish wonderful things in His name.  It's that simple.

So please, keep the comments coming.  I am glad so many of you share my fond memories of our history together.  But just remember as you do so that it is not about me- it's all about Jesus!  We are all called to SHINE- we just need to trust the power source.  Get out there today and moon somebody- well, you know what I mean!!!  Have a blessed weekend...

Because of Jesus,

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  1. "Shine, make 'em wonder what you got. Make 'em wish that they were not on the outside lookin' in. Shine, let it shine before all men. Let 'em see good works and then, let 'em glorify the Lord." Singing that with you and lots of other folks I love....a good memory. :)


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