Monday, September 28, 2015

The Great Moustache Debate

As our dear friend Lisa Jewett continues her battle with cancer she is recovering from her last chemo treatment at our home. She's hanging in there; this time has not been quite as bad as the first so far. Prayers are always appreciated. And we are still trying to raise some money for her in the following bizarre way- my moustache is for sale!!! 

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The fate of my 35 year old moustache is still very much in doubt. As of this morning, Save It held a one vote lead over Shave It, meaning that between now and October 6th every $5 counts! Last Friday my son Will pleaded with you to vote for eradicating the 'stache in the name of everything holy. Today, I present opinions from two old friends who disagree with him. One is rational and well thought out. The other is Carl Semmler's. Carl said via email that he cannot understand how anyone could consider paying money to actually see MORE of my face. While I appreciate his desire to help save the moustache, as well as the truth behind his thought, his reasoning was quite hurtful. But that's OK, because Lisa likes his brother better! 

The second plea to save the 'stache comes from my good friend Teresa Tysinger. Teresa is a gifted writer who has used her talents to sway your opinion today- and to get you go to donate and vote! She speaks the truth...

Cancer isn't funny. It's not polite, well mannered, considerate, or even endearingly sarcastic. It sucks. But you know what doesn't suck? What cancer can't take away? Our desire and ability to rally together to fight. And we're not going to be polite, well mannered, considerate, or endearingly sarcastic on the battlefield. We're going to throw everything we've got at it and tell it to go pick on someone its own size. Cancer might not be funny, but our tactics can be. Carl is willing to auction off his mustache. That's pretty funny. He wants my take on vote. 

The verdict? I'll make my donation to Lisa's Go Fund Me page, joined with my prayers for her complete healing, as a vote WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGAINST Carl doing away with the 'stache. Carl with no mustache is like imagining your grandma without her teeth. A hot dog without chili and slaw. Or one of those frightening furless cats. Let's be real. No one thinks they're cute. Carl's 'stache is part of his M.O. In a game of Guess Who? he's "Male with a Mustache." He's a member of an elite team, standing alongside Groucho Marx, Ron Burgundy, Burt Reynolds and Magnum P.I. Carl without his mustache is just...wrong. 

Do your part. First...give to Lisa's Go Fund Me page because you hate cancer and its rude ways. Give because you want Lisa to know she's not alone in her fight. Then, give in honor of unfortunately bald upper lips everywhere exposed unjustly in a moment of insanity. Fight cancer. And save the 'stache.  ~T.T.

How can you argue with such logic? I'd like to thank Teresa and acknowledge Carl for putting forth a defense of my moustache. (BTW- you may have noticed the 2 different spelling of the word- moustache & mustache. Teresa's is the common USAmerican version while "moustache" is the accepted British spelling. I'm just classy like like that!) But now comes the serious part, where you all give and vote. Do you stand with the 'stache, or are you like my good buddy Todd Willis who wants to see it GONE because his curiosity got he best of him? Only 9 days left to vote. Cast yours today!!!


  1. Anonymous9/28/2015

    You and Groucho. The perfect comparison. Hilarious stuff, Teresa!

    1. I think me & Burt works better. I am the Bandit!


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