Sunday, September 20, 2015

Stop the Whining

A couple of years back I wrote a post entitled I Am Right...and You're Stupid! It addressed a growing problem in our nation, where healthy debate is out and criticizing anyone who thinks or feels differently from "me" is the new norm. With a new season of elections upon us and with wide and often tragic divisions in our country and our world, this is getting worse, not better. We have become a culture of chronic whiners. Tearing others down to make ourselves feel better is at epidemic levels. Rather than working towards solutions, we simply bemoan the things that displease us and bark at those who approach problems from a different direction. And this has got to change.

Two of the first real friends I made through Twitter were Kevin & Christie Weatherby. Kevin is a cowboy preacher whose insights constantly astonish me; Christie has a webpage and blog called The Worst Preacher's Wife Ever. They are in the expensive and often painful process of adopting a Chinese child- a great act of kindness and love- and have been getting some crap for their efforts. The other day Christie tweeted a link to a Facebook status that really hit home with me. I asked for permission to share it here and she kindly said yes. Let her thoughts sink in, and perhaps change you...

Here's an idea:
Instead of criticizing the preacher and I for adopting from China instead of America, why don't you go adopt some of those children you are so passionate about.
Instead of criticizing Americans for trying to help Syrian refugees instead of helping our American veterans, why don't you go help some of those veterans you are so passionate about.
Instead of criticizing those that are already trying to be helpers in some way, why don't you go help in some way that you are so passionate about.

Jesus told us to love one another, to care for one another and to go change the world. But we don't have to all do it the same way. Follow your passion. Be a difference maker. Go. Do. Be. And for the love of God, stop the whining!

Because of Jesus,

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