Sunday, September 27, 2015

It Is Well

One of my favorite hymns of the church is the great classic It Is Well With My Soul.  Written by Horatio Spafford in 1871 after his family drowned at sea, it has been sung in churches for many years. It is a glorious reminder of the saving grace of Jesus Christ, even in the midst of our greatest struggles. It is a song of hope and perseverance. The song has lifted my spirits on the numerous occasions when I realize that I, like all humans. am a sinner saved by grace. It was the last hymn we sang my final Sunday at Springfield Friends Meeting in 1994; it was a song that brought me comfort at times of great personal darkness. The song is a brilliant reminder that Jesus loves not because of what we do or who we are, but in spite of those things.

Despite my head-knowledge of the love and grace of God, there are days when my heart still hurts. I imagine this is true for everyone. Yesterday we said our final earthly goodbyes to an old friend; already this morning I have hugged my friend Lisa who is staying with us as she goes through the hard days following her recent chemo treatment. Life can hurt. But God is ever present, and the love of God whose name is Jesus can bring us peace even in our pain. So today I have a challenge for you. Watch this very cool video (complete with lyrics) of a modern arrangement of the song by the great band Jars of Clay from their album Redemption Songs. If you listen to this song and feel a sense of true worship and a sense of thanksgiving for the sacrifice Jesus made for each of us, then take some time and praise Jesus on this Sabbath. If you don't feel those things, you may need to get your heart checked. I'm just saying...

Because of Jesus,

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