Thursday, September 24, 2015

Save It or Shave It?

Yesterday we lost my friend Lisa Ramos Moran- someone I have known since middle school- to cancer. This disease is pissing me off. And today I'm coming out swinging...

For the past few weeks we have been seeking to raise money through a Go Fund Me page for my bestie, Lisa Jewett. Lisa is fighting ovarian cancer and today, probably even as you read this post, she and I are at the Moffitt Cancer Center as she receives (hopefully) her second chemo treatment. Her faith and her courage are an inspiration to me and to all who know her, and we truly believe that God and the medical professionals are going to win this battle. Please keep her in your prayers today and for the next few days as she deals with the aftermath of this treatment. As the plan stands now, there will be one more of these in 3 weeks and then surgery and 8 weeks of recovery- then 3 more chemo treatments. It is a long road. We have faith. Lisa has a wonderful support system. What we need, to be blunt, is to raise some more money. Lisa has taught 1st grade for 22 years and accumulated over 80 sick days. Once those days are used, she will have no more regular income for the rest of the school year as she goes about the business of kicking cancer's butt. Even with insurance, we all know how expensive medical bills are. We need to get busy helping, which brings me to my point today. Where is it written that raising money for a wonderful person and a good cause cannot also be fun? It certainly wasn't written here!

A Rare "Before" Pic
When I was around 20 years old I grew a moustache. It had a lot of red in it (thanks, Mom!) and in the late 70s it was cool. Think Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds cool. That was over 35 years ago and my old friend is still with me and is mostly gray. I have been married 29 years and my wife has never seen me without it. Generations of youth group kids have never seen my upper lip. Like it or hate it, my moustache is an institution. If you've ever wondered what I would look like without it (or if you are one of the rare souls who still remember me ever being that young) then here is your chance to make it happen. You see, just for my Lisa, my moustache is for sale.

The Current State of the 'Stache
Here's how it's going to work. From today through October 6th (which happens to be my birthday) you can vote on whether the furry, now mostly gray caterpillar on on my face should stay or go. You will determine its fate. But there's a catch- votes must be purchased! For every $5 you give (and every $5 matters!) to Lisa's Go Fund Me account you earn one vote. Give $100 or more and I'll double the number of votes you receive, so $100 buys you 40 votes. After making a donation, simply enter YES (shave it!) or NO (save it!) in the comment box on her page and your votes will count. Or you can text, tweet or Facebook comment your votes to me- as long as you donate first! Corporate sponsors are welcome. Heck, donate $1000 and rig the whole thing if you like! It's silly I know- but I'm ready to do most anything to help my friend that I love so much. So click here ----> Lisa's Page - and let's get this party started!!!

Lisa and her granddaughter
Marilyn has always been a little nervous to see me without it. Lisa (and this is all about her!) has stated flat out she does NOT want me to shave it, in fact asking me to rig the vote to insure I keep it. So vote NO to support her wishes! But this is for real. Many of my former students have made fun of me for years for twirling it and for having it at all- so here's their chance to change that with YES votes! The voters will decide. Over the next few days there will be some "Guest" opinions shared here hoping to sway your vote. And of course, you are welcome to campaign as well. The big thing is that we all donate. On October 7th we will announce the results, and shortly thereafter we will video either a party for the salvation of my old friend or a ceremony shaving it & kissing it goodbye! You make the call, my friends. Do it for Lisa. Do it because #CancerSucks. Do it for my birthday. Just do it! Give. Vote. Pray. And let's do something special together. Love you guys.

Because of Jesus,


  1. Anonymous9/24/2015

    Prayers for Lisa, and I will be voting, CJ- and I'll be voting a big YES! I want to see the naked lip!!!
    ~ Chris Cooper

    1. Go for it Chris. But remember the old careful what you ask for!

  2. I bet you can guess my vote. LISA, LOVE YOU!

    1. Lisa loves you too, Teresa!


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