Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday Shout Outs!

If you read this blog at all then you know that life has been kinda crazy these past few weeks. Life tends to be that way from time to time. There have been many posts about questions, doubts and frustrations- because those are the things on the tips of fingers when I write these days. But those things are fleeting, and will pass as we keep the faith and we keep praying. The things that are real- the things that are permanent- are things like God's love and the friendship, courage and support we can offer each other. And those things are plentiful in my life. They are the things we remember here today as we do our Saturday Shout Outs! So keep reading, and be encouraged. There is much to be thankful for...

  • Marilyn and I are so thankful for all the thoughts and prayers sent our way since Conner's death and Will's departure for UCF. We miss them both very much. The house is very strange still, but we are adjusting. And we are used to that. Tomorrow marks 29 years of marriage. We KNOW how to adjust!
  • Prayers continue for Lisa Moran, whose courage and spirit know no limits in her fight with pancreatic cancer, but whose body is struggling. We love you Lisa, and pray that you will be able to join us on...
  • September 9th (good LORD willin' and the creek don't rise!) we head to Ocean Isle, NC for a gathering of some old friends for a few days at the beach. I'm not just excited to see Denise, Carl, Beth, Tammy, Steve, Rob and all the rest- I NEED this getaway. 
  • In the past week I got sweet notes from Jay Osborne, Susan McBane TuggleLeigh Ann Venable, Marie Allen Duke, Cheryl Deal Meadows, Ashley Goad and Teresa Tysinger offering words of comfort and encouragement. I also got calls from Jan KoernerJennifer Kuramochi and our old buddy Lewis Farlow. Old friends ROCK!!!
  • We have seen on Facebook where Jennifer (Gastler) Chan and Isabelle Davis Randolph are expecting! Prayers for both of these wonderful former youth as they go forward. And I SOOOO look forward to Debbie Davis being a grandmother!!!
  • As if it was really needed, here's further proof that Taylor Swift is cooler than you...or me...or most anyone else...

  • Speaking of great songs, Tammy Foster requested that I prepare a few Brown/Jones classics for the beach trip. Anything in particular, Tammy? The Parakeet Song? We've Got Gas? Roll Over Lucy? Cast your votes!!!
  • While moving Will into his luxury accommodations last weekend we got to share whatever meal it is you have at 4 PM with the Hanbery clan! Great to see them and to know they are local to Will's new home. Jerry is already making plans. Oh. My. Goodness.  :)
  • Speaking of Jerry...he ran an idea past me that I will now run past my other Kissimmee era friends. He was wondering - if we booked part of the Betsy B for a long weekend in the Fall of 2016 (perhaps right after Labor Day) could we get folks to commit to joining us? So...could we? Voice your opinion here! I know Brook Teoli is pushing for another reunion. We need input!
  • I'm only gone for 21 years and the NC Yearly Meeting of Friends just falls apart. I knew they couldn't make it without me...
  • Another reason to be jealous of my son's new college digs. He has a Bojangles close by. We in Tampa do not. This is just wrong!
  • For those of us living in Tampa Bay, here's the big question. What's more likely to be a dud- Tropical Storm Erika or the 2015 Tampa Bay Buccaneers? Right now it's even money.
  • And many of you (over 400 of you read yesterday's post Maybe Chicken Little Was Right) know Lisa Jewett is having major surgery on Monday. So let's make tomorrow Prayers for Lisa Day! How do we participate, you ask? First of all- PRAY! Secondly, send her a message on Facebook, Twitter (@lisajewett18) or by leaving a comment here. Let her know that we are with her and God is for her. And finally, pray some more. We can be her support team on Monday by lifting her to God tomorrow. Prayer matters.
That's it for today. Have a great Saturday and keep smiling.
    Because of Jesus,


    1. Love you much, Carl! And that Smelly Cat rendition...makes me smile so wide!

      1. Love you too, Ashley! And there's nothing better than a little Smelly Cat on a Saturday morning!

    2. Anonymous8/29/2015

      Would LOVE a trip to the Betsy B since I never got there when my kids were in youth!! And I'll drag them with if I must (they wouldn't have it any other way) ;-)


    Thanks for reading,and thanks for your comment!