Friday, August 28, 2015

Maybe Chicken Little Was Right...

Normally I am man of many words. But today I struggle to find the ones that truly express what I am feeling. This faulty post will have to suffice.
Our "Ohana"
One week ago today I wrote down my thoughts about Riding the Crazy Train. In that post I listed a number of bad things that were happening in my life recently and talked of a desire to follow the example of Dr. Sheldon Cooper and just jump a train and ride- to anywhere! My somber mood threw off many readers and old friends- they are so accustomed to "Sunny Side Up" Carl. Several voiced concern, and their thoughts were much appreciated. What they didn't know- and what I have not said- is that by late last Friday afternoon my world had gotten even darker as yet another piece of bad news rolled in. 

My dear friend Lisa Jewett- one of the people I love most in this world, someone I see and talk to most everyday- was told that she might have ovarian cancer. After a few days of worry tempered with hope and prayer, yesterday that diagnosis was confirmed. A scary road lies ahead for Lisa and her family, beginning with surgery on Monday. Will, Michelle, Marilyn and I are an adopted part of that family. Lisa is Marilyn's Disney buddy and Will's other mom. She, Marilyn and I eat dinner together far more often than we don't. We watch TV shows together- including some I would be embarrassed to admit- via text messages. We are truly Ohana. And while we believe that God is in control and we have faith that the doctors will do what is needed- all of us are scared too. And I am left to question if my crazy train analogy from last week went far enough. Maybe Sheldon wasn't the right source of inspiration. Perhaps I should have turned to the great philosopher Chicken Little- because it does indeed feel like the sky is falling. Words cannot tell you what she means to me, but this goes even beyond our love for her. Lisa becomes the third of my friends, all under the age of 55, to currently be battling cancer. There are times in each of our lives when circumstances feel overwhelming. That point is currently in my rear view mirror and things just keep feeling more out of control. If you think there are some cracks in my faith - the source of all my hope - you are right. If you think I am pissed at the universe, you win again. I yelled at God last night. It wasn't the first time and it won't be the last. Fortunately, God understands, loves and forgives. God is so much bigger than our anger and so much bigger than the storms in our lives. And it's far better to be yelling at God in the darkness than to have no one in the darkness at whom to yell. 

Far too many of us know firsthand that Cancer Sucks. Please pray for Lisa, and feel free to leave a comment letting her know that you care. Pray for your friends, my friends and everyone touched by that horrible disease. And more than ever, take time today to tell the people you love just how much you love them. Hold nothing back. Take nothing for granted. Enjoy every sandwich. And remember- and please keep reminding me - that in the end, God wins! Always...

Because of Jesus,


  1. Anonymous8/28/2015

    Big prayers for Lisa and for my friend Brittney, also dealing with cancer. It does indeed suck. So much. Hang in there, bro. ~ Chris Cooper

    1. Thanks Chris. Big prayers for Brittney as well.

  2. Anonymous8/28/2015

    Prayers for Lisa and for you. Keep the faith, Carl. The sky is not falling- it's just a little drop of rain. - Dawn

    1. Thanks Dawn. And I got the Les Miz reference. Bless your heart...

  3. Anonymous8/28/2015

    Prayers lifted. - George Kellerman


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