Monday, August 31, 2015

A Day of Prayer

This- more than most- will be a day of prayer for me. There are 2 amazing women I know- both named Lisa- who are fighting cancer. One begins her battle as she undergoes surgery this afternoon; the other grows weary of the fight as her body turns against her. Another old friend continues her chemo treatments trying to chase that same demon from her body. There is a former student from one of my youth ministries who had an emergency C-section over the weekend, and her baby now faces surgery. My brother-in-law continues to slip away as Alzheimer's turns him into someone that even he can barely recognize. And there are so many others. So much need. It can make you feel helpless. So today is a day of prayer. Because some days there is nothing left to do but pray...

And sometimes miracles are exactly what we need. The truth is I have always been hesitant to ask out loud for specific healings. It feels a bit like asking God to play favorites in a word where so many hurt and suffer. But today, I pray for miracles. 

God, take away the cancer from Lisa, Lisa and Leigh Ann. Heal Missy and her baby. Restore the mind of Bill. For these and so many others I pray that you would indeed step in and do what we cannot- make the ones we love whole again. In the name of the One who healed the lepers, the blind man, the bleeding woman and who told the paralyzed man to get up and walk, AMEN.

Maybe such a prayer is selfish, but today at least, that is not what is important. Some days there is nothing left to do but ask God for miracles- and then believe they can happen. And today feels like such a day. Blessings to all.

Because of Jesus,

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