Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Along the #NarrowRoad

It has been written here and many other places that one of the great lies of the Prosperity Gospel is that if you follow Jesus and walk the #NarrowRoad then life will be all rainbows and unicorns. You will be blessed with wealth, health and fame. There will be no suffering and sorrow. The preachers and churches who pedal such crap attempt to sell life with Jesus here on earth as if it were a preview of Heaven. It's not. We do not live our lives in the paradise that once was (the Garden of Eden) or in the paradise the someday will be. We live in the real world- and in the real world, sh*t happens. Even when Jesus is walking with us. This is a concept that should require no biblical proof-texting. The Messiah said it plain and simple- "In this world you will have troubles..."

The very first post ever made to this blog quoted the late Dan Fogelberg's wonderful song Along the Road. I share those words again today:

Joy at the the start, fear in the journey, 
Joy in the coming home
A part of the heart gets lost in the learning
Somewhere along the road

For me, there is no better description of the #NarrowRoad. I write today with my eyes still watering every time I think about the passing of my beloved dog Conner this past Sunday. I pray daily for friends who are suffering with disease and heartache, and a part of that prayer is often "Why, God?" There is great joy in our friendships, and great fear and sorrow in their pain. Feeling those things is not a lack of faith, it is a human reaction to the human condition. Following Jesus does not and should not anesthetize us into some sort of zombies for Christ. We are emotional beings, and we were created that way by God. If you know any scripture at all, then chances are good that you know that "Jesus wept." And so do we.

So if walking the #NarrowRoad doesn't provide us fame, fortune, health and constant happiness, then why bother with it? Are we just trying to insure our spot in Heaven, or is there a more concrete earthly reason why life is better when spent with Jesus? I believe there is- and I believe that reason is HOPE. This life is still filled with potholes, but Christ-followers walk in hope with the knowledge that we never face them alone. Dan wrote that "moments of rest and glimpses of laughter are treasured along the road." Even when there is pain, there can be peace. Even when there is loss, there is still hope. Those are the secrets of the #NarrowRoad.

So today you have homework. Take 4 minutes out of your schedule and watch the video below. Enjoy the beauty of the pictures, but don't get lost in them. Get lost in the lyrics. Think about your own journey as you hear Dan sing about the trail. And know this- no matter where you may wander, Jesus is always there to "level and light your way." You want to know the real Prosperity Gospel? God's love NEVER fails us- even when we hurt. Have a blessed day, and enjoy the journey.


  1. Anonymous8/18/2015

    Love the thoughts and love the song, CJ. So sorry about Conner. Sounds like he was a great dog. And the Prosperity Gospel is of Satan, plain and simple. It's just so wrong. Thanks for keeping us on the road, my friend! ~ Chris Cooper

    1. Always appreciate your kind words, Chris. You have mentioned how much you are enjoying this series. I'm glad, because writing it is kicking my butt!

  2. Thanks Carl. I needed to read this today. I have always loved that song. And I am sorry for your loss. God Bless.

    Herb Andrews

    1. Glad it was what you needed today, Herb. And it really is a great song. Thanks for your kind words, old friend.

  3. Thank you for the words. I needed them today.

    1. You are very welcome, Andrea. Thank you for being such a faithful reader.


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