Thursday, June 4, 2015

#TW3: Port of Call, Antarctica

Welcome to Day 4 of my fictional ultimate Youth Week, based on a week I planned 3 different times and never got to do.  To understand what I am up to, check out That Was The Week That Wasn't.  To understand me- well, good luck with that!

It's Wednesday of this very special week, and we have an amazing day planned for our cruisers!  It's a long day, so just jump in and hang on!

Port of Call:  Antarctica
9 AM-  We'll gather at the church and take "shuttle boats" over the coldest stop on our trip- Antarctica! You probably knew that there would be ice and penguins and snow- you may not have known there would be totally awesome water slides as well! That's right, we will spend the day at Disney's Blizzard Beach. You can zoom down the Summit Plummet, float on the Cross-Country Creek, ride the Downhill Double Dipper or just hang out and catch some rays. Blizzard Beach will rock, and you will not want to miss it! It's going to be an awesome day, so be sure to bring your sunscreen, your towel and a change of clothing because our trip to Antarctica includes one more stop. We will get back on the shuttles at 5 PM and head over for a very special night...

5:30 PM-  Our "shuttle boats" will then take us to a restaurant hidden deep in the heart of the frozen continent- or better yet, to Planet Hollywood! We have the third floor reserved for a private party (This ridiculous idea is one I actually explored. We could have done it.  I would have had to sell all my possessions, both lungs and a kidney...), featuring dinner, a skit on Thawing Out Our Chilly World and some karaoke with at least 23 people singing Let It Go or Do You Want To Build a Snowman? The night then wraps up with our old friend Curt Cloninger performing his one-man show, Witnesses. You'll meet characters, real and fictional, who knew Jesus when he walked on the earth. It's fun, it's moving and it will make you want to know that same Jesus even more! Plus there is all the fun that is Planet Hollywood!  It is going to be an amazing night. The shuttles will return you to the church at 9 PM. Then go home and get some sleep. You are going to need it. Day 5 will be a doozy...

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