Saturday, June 13, 2015

My (blog) Week in Review

Marilyn and Lisa Jewett are off to WDW again today and Will is working a double- so beware! I'll be looking for mischief to get into- today. But tonight will be all about the hockey. It's the always crucial Game 5 here in Tampa. So let's go Bolts!!!

When you write a small and for the most part insignificant blog like this one your expectations are very low and very personal. It is always my hope that a few people will read what I write. There is an effort made to write with style and some quality and there is effort put into saying at least a few things that matter. And it is always my hope that through sharing here others will be encouraged and inspired. Some days these goals are met, others they are not. But every now and then, like a gambler at the tables or a hitter in baseball, I get on a streak. This past week has been one such time. Whenever an individual post on this blog gets over 500 hits in a 48 hour period my silly brain thinks of it as Certified Gold. That's not many for the big boy bloggers, but it's a lot for me. These days it usually happens 2 or 3 times each month. Starting last Saturday, every post this week except for Thursday's (a repeat about lock-ins and sardines) was a "certified gold" post! That is exciting and encouraging for two reasons. One, it means people are reading. And two, these posts were very personal and among my favorite to write, so it was wonderful for them to be seen in such large numbers. So thank you all!

In fact, I loved these "golden" posts so much that today I want to give you a simple way to get a second chance at all of them! Below you will find direct links to the posts and a brief description of each. If you missed them, here's a chance to catch up. If you read them, here's a chance to read some posts that are very important to me a second time. I don't usually toot my own horn, but...TOOT TOOT! Enjoy!

Saturday Shout Outs - Prayer requests, announcements, a Stanley Cup premonition, and lots of updates on my personal philosophies of life.
It Was One Year Ago Today... - A few thoughts on my ongoing banishment from Walt Disney World- and the bigger picture of my life.
Probation Frustration - What life was like during my 7 years of probation- both for me and for my family.
"This Now Defines You" - The disaster that was the 4.5 years of mandatory therapy I received while on probation. Readers have been stunned!
The Song That Never Ends - An update on what life is like now, over a year after my probation was terminated. 
Throwback Thursday: Marathons & Sardines - Great moments from my youth ministry past!
The Theology of Jimmy Buffett - Yesterday's post was actually a flashback (it had been posted before) but was read by a WHOLE lot more people this time around. And I still love it! Plus there's more of my personal philosophy of life contained within. :)

So there it is- my blog week in review! Again, thanks for reading and making this week special. I do love my readers...

Because of Jesus,


  1. You have written some fabulous posts this week. I'm glad others are getting to read them. Thank you for sharing and for making us think.

    1. And thank you for your constant encouragement and support!


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